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There are millions of blogs available and still counting, as a newbie blogger many will think whether they can blog and be able to stand in the crowd. My answer is NO not at all, don’t get disappointed by an unusual answer. If you want the answer of this question to be YES you need to realize few things and have some goals of your own. My aim behind this post is to make you answer this question as YES. You need to know few things on how to make a unique blog.So below I have made a gist of certain things which you should not do with your blog.

1. First question a blogger has is “what kind of blog should I Start?” So they start searching for blogs which are top and almost way ahead in the industry. There are many categories of blogs to choose from. In your search you will end up having almost top blogs in all areas so you don’t exactly know what kind of blog to start. So before you begin have your own niche and content in which you are well versed. DON’T LOOK FOR TOP BLOGS.

2. Next thing as a blogger is to have content which makes users to come and stay but as you know 90 percent of people just skip off before reading what you write so we need to minimize this bouncing rate. So you may think copying an article from top site and pasting in our blog may be read but its not the case. It makes your blog of no importance. NO COPY PASTE.

3. Themes and look, some bloggers take inspiration from other blogs, they want their blog to look like someone else’s blog. So they start studying that blog they see that the blog has facebook fan page a chat box widget etc and they try to have them in their blog at the same place where the other blog is having. Don’t make you blog look like some one eles’s blog but try to make it as unique as possible. First carefully analize each and every widjet before installing, dont keep on installing all widgets make make your blog look ugly. DON’T TRY TO MAKE YOUR BLOG LOOK LIKE SOMEONE ELSE'S BLOG.

4. As soon as a person starts a blog the next thing he has in his mind is money. so they just try to search how to earn money from blogs and they get lot of suggestions and articles from net that we can ad Adsense, bidvertiser, adbrite etc there is a list of such companies they will register and add to their blogs without having a proper content and look for their blog. Also dont register in almost all advertising websites and fill your blog with all advertisements that makes your blog look awful. NEVER MONETIZE YOUR BLOG WITHOUT PROPER CONTENT AND LOOK.

5. Next after monetizing they look that their advertising account is 0.00$ so they want their ads to be clicked by many so they just go hunting for traffic. They are successful by getting some handful of visitors just landing on the page without reading or clicking anything on their site. There traffic would be 200 to 300 visitors per day and advertising account will be 0.01$ that to because they clicked their own ad. So they simply start to click their ads multiple times and get their account blocked or some advertising companies does not add money for their own clicks so they even spend some money on traffic. So you need to stop hunting for traffic but build the blog with a proper content and make traffic landing into your blog on their own. AVOID HUNTING FOR TRAFFIC LET TRAFFIC HUNT YOUR BLOG.

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