0 Things to know before starting a Blog

Few things which you have to keep in your mind before you go online with your blog.
- Purpose of starting a blog : Always have a purpose before starting your blog. If you have an intention to start a blog for money then you need to focus mainly on SEO, posting, Advertising etc. If you want a blog for business then write articles focusing mainly on your business and increase your sales. If you want to write a personal blog than do so depending on your online friends. So I mean to say you need to have a purpose of starting your blog if you want to start it simply then I suggest dont waste your time.

- Having some Knowledge : Before starting a blog you need to have some knowledge on what is a blog and how to write a useful post, how to write so that we could get lot of traffic. Also you will come across different terms like SEO, sitemaps, webmaster tools, templates, feedburner, etc. So having some knowledge on blogging is always advisable.

- Choosing a blogging platform : A good blogging platform is always a must for a blogger to know. A blogging platform should be easy to use and should be able to fulfill the requirements to get noticed in a search engine. New bloggers can opt for free blogging platforms where as an advanced blogger can go for paid hosting.

- Keep going on : Have an attitude of keep going without looking back. As soon as you write a first post don’t stop it there but keep your blog going. Once you write till 10 posts and you won’t find proper traffic then simple don’t loose hope but keep on writing because to be noticed in the top list needs lot of writing, Patience and knowledge.

- Kind of blog : You should know which kind of blog you should start. Simple I suggest Blogging should be an output of your hobbie. If your hobbie is painting then start a blog on painting but dont say people love entertainment so let me post about entertainment. So choosing a proper topic for your blog is must. This is generally called blog niche

- Content for Blog : Just simply keep in mind what you are going to write in your blog. You need to do lot of research on thee topics which you are going to write. If you want to write about any topic first search for other topics under same category look what they have written, see if they have missed any thing try to write what is not available over the net. Be careful in writing with proper punctuation and meaningful sentences. Never ever try to paste articles from other sites. Have a content made on your own.

- Customizing your Blog : As soon as you start your blog need to customize it. You need to select an apt theme for your blog depending on the topic. You need to install 3rd party widgets if necessary. Survey on all the options provided by your blogging platform. And at the most make your blog look easy and feel good. As soon as a user lands on your page he shouldn't feel to skip from your page. We should provide all the necessary things in our blog so that a visitor need not move for other pages looking for it. For example if you are writing a blog in native language you need to place a translate button if you dont place it then you are in a danger of loosing valuable traffic which is very hard to get.

These are some of the handful suggestions for all those who thought to start a blog.

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