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Blogging has become one of the latest trends and their are many blogs which go unnoticed. Only few reach to the top while remaining struggle at their entry levels. So to be an blogger who has to be noticed should have an uniqueness in the style of writing a post. So I have listed few points how to make a post which differs from others. All the time before we want to write about a topic somebody might have already posted on that topic so if you still want to fight your way up than the post should be not only good enough but should have a greater value than what is already being written by others. So take a quick guidelines on how to make an unique appearance in the blogosphere.

1. Read more to gain more:
If you want to write an innovative post first you need to have your brain filled with some topic of interest. If you love cricket try to have much knowledge on batsmen, bowlers, umpires, wicket keepers, fielders etc. So you need to read a lot to have the maximum knowledge on a particular topic.

2. Be Creative while writing:
Now that your brain is full of knowledge now creativity should come into play. The information which you have might be know to many but make the title of the post and subject little bit creative by just twisting it in your way. You want to blog about Sachin Tendulkar’s centuries. Most of the fans know every thing about Sachin. So in order to grab the attention of the audience make a post title like Will Sachin make his journey home with his 100th ton. Now the user as soon as he reads the title develops an appetite to read the post because the title had some suspence hid in it. Next in the post give all the list of his centuries and don’t make the post boring but see that a user will keep on looking for what he had see on the title, now in the middle of the post come up with your idea what you wanted to write like Sachin will surely come home with his 100th ton and so. Just be creative on how you choose the title and subject of your post.

3. Presentation too counts:
You have all the necessary information to write a blog now presentation matters. You have to present the topic in a beautiful way which makes the user to stay glued. Placement of relevant pictures where ever necessary should be posted. The selection of different colors for getting the attention of visitors will also make the user to read quickly. Highlighting some important key words with various colors grabs the attention of an user. You can also make an attractive side heading for your posts. So your blog presentation should be cool and awesome.

4. Ease of language:
Your language should be very easy to understand, never try to write a post with too many hard words it doesn’t make the post innovative but makes the post complicated. So ease of your post should be so apparently seen that even a person who doesn’t have any idea on the subject should be able to understand the point.

5. Confine to the subject:
Never make a post too lengthy. Lengthy posts often rank good in search engines but that length should not cross the limit. An user always try to read of the stuff within 5 to 7 paragraphs but they will never be interested to read more than 100 to 200 paragraphs so don’t waste your time in writing novels but rather be short and informative. If you write a big post you have the risk of leaving the main theme and switching to some other topics so always confine to a topic or a particular point which you need to share with others while you write a post.

So it all depends on how well you keep the above things in mind and bring an useful and valuable post which can shift a huge stream of traffic to your blog.

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