0 Indian's released cheapest tablet computer in the world

Aakash worlds cheapest Tablet PC from Datawind

Have you ever dream't of getting a tablet PC for 1700/- Rs (34$) and it is here in India called Aakash. Telecom minister Mr.Kapil Sibal has released this tablet computer on 5th October. This has been designed by a UK based company named Datawind. CEO of the company Mr.Suneet Singh Tuli had unveiled that this product would soon land into market within a month and  nearly 1 lakh pieces are being ordered. This Tablet ranges from 2,500 Rs to 1,700 Rs but for students it is being given with even discount price. If the order of this tablet's increase then the cost of the PC would even further drop. Minister has also said that this would even be brought to a price range of 500 Rs in coming days.This tablet aakash can store e-books, can play HD video, can store office docs etc. This would be a good tool for children from 9th standard onwards. Possibly government is planning to introduce this Tablet in the curriculum of various boards in the next academic year. 500 Tablets are being given to few students for testing purpose.

Telecom and HRD minister Kapil Sibal launching Aakash

 Students displaying the Worlds cheapest Tablet PC Ubislate
 Students displaying the Worlds cheapest Tablet PC

Specifications of Aakash Tablet PC:
7 inch touch screen
Android 2.2 OS
366Mgz Processor
256Mb Ram
2 USB Ports
WiFi and GPRS connectivity
SIM card slot
3 Hrs of Battery Back Up
2 GB internal storage and 32 GB extendable memory slot
1 year replacement warranty.

This wold not be as fast as your Apple iPad or Amazon Kindle but it would surely give you their features at a slower speed. And you dont need to wait months and months for its entry into the market as we do for apple or other products as it is all set to hit the markets in November of this year.If you are not a student you can still buy it for somewhere around 3,000 Rs. It would come into the markets with a brand name Ubislate. This tablet can also be used to play games and surf videos through internet.

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