0 How to find the lowest price before you shop online?

As the growth of eCommerce sites are at a rage almost every site is trying to get to top and they are also trying to give a best price for increasing their sales. They even offer flexible options for customers like cash on delivery, fastest delivery within 1 day, free shipping etc.  So if your are familiar with few sites and want to buy your products with the same sites always then you are doing a mistake. Not always the sites you use will quote the best price, other sites may offer the same product for even a lesser price. So there is a need for customer to find the best price before he starts to buy online.

Few Price Comparison sites for various online shopping websites in India:

What a tool for those who want to have a best price on the product they want to buy. This site is co-founded by Sulakshan and Sitakanta Ray. You almost have a bunch of sites showing rates of different products, so as a user you have the option to get the product at least price or also you want to know which site offers Cash on Delivery option and so. Best part of the site is you can also get some coupons for various  eCommerce sites like Homeshop18, Indiaplaza, Yebhi, firstcry etc. This site is remarkable for its lightning speed in bringing you a detailed comparison chart.

2. Junglee:

Amazon might find a tough time in India because past 3 to 4 years there had been a tremendous growth in eCommerce sites which could have really made a bad impact on the percentage of profit they used to have from India. So this might be the reason for the entry of Junglee an amazon venture. Indian sites offer Cash on Delivery and few other flexible payment options and Indians mostly don't have credit cards so shopping at Amazon is not a better option for them. This site too has a comparison tool where we can opt a seller store which offers us the best price.

Compare the Baazar is also one of the price comparison websites but this site is specifically good for those who like to get a mobile for a cheaper quote. This site too has bunch of good coupons available, few gift vouchers and informer for price drops of various products. This site is little bit slow to load and though it has many products to compare it works best for mobiles. Still work on other products has to be done, this site also do compare flight charges, hotels & buses but still lot more to go but what ever is now is excellent.

This site though is still in its beta phase it has cool design and an awesome traffic. This site offers comparison for various electronic goods like laptops, mobile phones, ipods, ipads, cameras and it also gives comparision for bikes, books etc.

5. Shopmania

Like junglee this site too is a shopping portal with a price comparison tool. This website offers comparisons of various products like computers, mobile phones, cameras, notebooks, jewelry, watches etc.

A nice comparison tool and search engine for various books. This search engine just scans various eCommerce stores of India offering books and brings in the comparison as soon as we click on the title of our choice.

Price bolo is also a comparison website a quick search engine for various consumer goods. You have comparison for refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, digital cameras, mobile phones etc. Still have to build a good traffic and stand among the best price comparison tools.

iShopper is India's leading comparison shopping site, letting users compare prices and products across categories and e-commerce sites. This site has got a rich design and it features some interesting articles like Galaxy Note vs. Nokia Lumia 800, reviews of various products and many more. This site is a venture of Accentium Web Pvt Ltd which runs many popular portals.

Hope next time when you shop you wont spend too much or wont waste too much of your money. But before you select a online shop just go through whether the e store offers good support and timely response.

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