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Google Adsense is still a dream for many newbie bloggers. People who just stared blogging, read the success stories of high earning bloggers and want to reach that level the first day of blogging. But hitting a Six figure mark is not so easy to attain. First and foremost step is to get an approval from Google Adsense. One more thing we need to know is all six figure bloggers wont earn every single buck from Google Adsense but they make most of it from affiliate marketing too.

Adsense is one of the best options in monetizing ones blog compared to other players available, but getting an approval for Adsense is a bit difficult. People often miss few things before sending an request for approval. So first let me explain the checklist which you need to have before applying for an Adsense account.

1. Custom Domain:
If you are not having a custom domain just don't waste any more time but go get one for your blog. Read : Buying a cheap domain name without credit card or net banking. A custom domain is a domain name without blogspot.com but directly yourwebsitename.com. Google simple rejects a blog with free subdomain. So investing 500 to 600 Rs or 10 - 12$ on a domain is a mandatory thing you need to do. Remember once you have a descent traffic of at least 30 to 50 visitors a day then go for buying a custom domain. Next after buying a custom domain you need to wait for 1 month to 6 months so that the age of the domain increases. People actually say 6 months but there are some bloggers who even get their account approved within a month depends on the quality of their blog.

2. Unique Articles:
Next thing you need to check is the quality of your articles. The articles published should be useful and should not have been copy pasted from some other blogs. Also see the number of posts in your blog are at least above fifty. Read: How to write an innovative post different from others. Also maintain a post frequency at least one post a week.

3. Decent Design and Look:
Keep a decent looking template and avoid all sorts of ads from the other publishers at least till your Adsense account gets approved. Read: How to build a unique blog different from others. Have an easy navigation, distraction-free colors, an easily accessible search box, subscription box, links to important pages like Privacy, Disclaimer, About Us, Archives, etc. Some social buttons like Facebook, twitter, pinterest etc also don't forget to link your Google Plus profile. Mention your name & something about yourself on your blog so that Google Adsense team can easily verify your website. See that the name you mention is originally yours or a genuine name be honest. The domain name registered, the name mentioned in the blog and the name submitted in the Adsense application all should be same. This is also a mandatory though initially it was not so but now they are checking the genuinity of the name. This is done because many people are creating multiple and fake Adsense accounts.

4. At least some idea on Google Adsense terms & conditions: 
Most of the time we ignore reading the terms and conditions at sign ups but here you need to pause and take some time to read. Most of the questions are directly or indirectly answered here. It is just like a FAQ section but not mention as so.

5. Things to avoid:
  1. Applying multiple Adsense accounts from different mail Id's.
  2. Reapplying immediately after you receive a disprove mail.
  3. No mistakes please, carefully fill all the details Name, address, phone numbers all correctly don't type any mistakes.
  4. Don't apply if your site's or blog's niche is adult oriented, Google wont approve at all.
How to increase the rate of Approval:
  1. Having good social standings like many Facebook likes, twitter flowers and good number of Google plus followers for you blog or many shares of your blog articles in social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, stumble upon etc. Read: Blogging and social bookmarking should be like Symbiosis
  2. Back links, do your blog pages have some quality back links if you have then you are lucky if not try to build some.
  3. An awesome traffic sometimes has a good impact to get your approval fast see that you have a good traffic before you apply. Read : Top 10 ways to increase your blog traffic by 33%
  4. Having a Good page rank anything above Google Page rank 2.
Now that you might have understood few things which you need to have in your blog before you apply a Adsense account. So a custom domain, with 50+ unique self written articles, awesome traffic, honest information, command on the Google Adsense terms and conditions and some knowledge on blogging will be a right time for a blogger to apply for an Adsense account.

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