0 Why do all clocks /watches ads show 10:10

I've noticed for years that every advertisement for a clock or watch always has the hour hand on 10 and the minute hand on 2.  This holds true for print ads, online ads, TV ad's, etc. Even the outer cover is designed with time showing 10:10 what could be the probable reason?

Observations show that in any advert the clock shows the time 10:10. There is no specific or scientific theory behind this, however, people till date has come up with many different possible reasons for the same. Below are some popular reasons for the time 10:10:

Symmetrical Look:
When the watch is at 10:10 we get a vertical symmetry in the face of the clock.

Smiley Look:
When we look at a watch at 10:10, we see as if the watch is smiling. It is better to have a smiling face, rather than having a crying face when the time is at 8:20.

When the hands are at 10:10, we have the makers name and other details clearly visible when they are placed at above or below the centre.

When the clock is at 10:10, the hands are similar to the letter "v" which symbolises victory.

First Watch:
The first watch is made/completed at this time.

Abraham Lincoln:
Many say that it is due to Abraham Lincoln died at that time and so the watches are showing 10:10. But some say that, Lincoln is shot at night at around 10:15, and died in the next day morning at around 7:22. History still remains mysterious!

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Attack:
It is because during that time, first atomic bomb was used and in remembrance of all the victims, all unused clocks or the clocks which are presented in show-cases have the same time of 10:10.

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