0 List of Top 10 Adsense earning Indian websites

Top 10 Adsense earning Indian websites
You might be wondering that not only bloggers make much income but some Indian websites also make huge Adsense income. Its not always true that a blogger like Amit Agarwal of labnol or Harsh of SML or Amit Bhawani or Raju of TechPP will make a fortune out of Adsense. But there are some Indian websites which do earn a lot by monetizing their site with Google Adsense. I have a list of few such Indian websites which does have good amount of traffic and of course income too.

How I calculated Adsense income:
On an average big branded websites with huge traffic will get atleast 1$ CPM rate because of direct advertisers and targeted visitors with high budgets. Google will place sites with huge traffic for bidding and the bidder who quotes more will get a chance to show their ad on a particular site. So I took 1 dollar as an average Cost Per Million (CPM) value. The formula I used to calculate is given below.
No of Ad units * Page impressions per day * 1$[CPM] / 1000
Example: 3 * 3,00,00,000 * 1$[CPM] / 1000
Things to Note:
  • I Have made all the calculations taking the approximate traffic into consideration.
  • These calculations don't include earnings made from clicks.
  • These calculations are purely estimated ones no claim that these are accurate values. Accurate earnings may be higher or very lower compared to the stats I have posted here.
  • Ranking is also not accurate one, I just made it purely on their estimated earnings.

1. Network 18 Websites:                                             3.75 Crore Rs/PM
Network 18 has a very big network of websites like In.com, Money control, IBN live, First Post, Askme, Cricketnext, etc to name all it takes half of this page. You can read about their websites in my post Top most visited Indian websites. All these websites do have sub domains and also unique domains and stand strong among top 25 Indian websites generating tons of traffic individually. I calculated for In.com, Money control and First post combined they have 25 million page views a day. I dint take all the websites into account it might well increase the stats so not precise but these values are approximate values.

Approx Daily Page Views : 25,00,0000 (25 Million)
Approx Monthly Page Views : 75,00,00,000 (750 Million)
Average Adsense income: 3.75 Crore Rupees per month.
1*75,00,00,000 * 1$[CPM] / 1000 = 7,50,000$ / month
Page Rank: 6
Alexa Rank: 308

2. Timesofindia:                                                              1.5 Crore Rs/PM
This website is headed by Mr. Vineet Jain. It receives a huge traffic of 20 Million on an average. This website has an ad unit of 728x90 just above its header.It too has network of websites like gaana, itimes, femina, boxtv, Zigwheeles, filmfare etc. I just took Times of India visitors into consideration and calculated the approximate earnings.
Approx Daily Page Views : 10,00,0000 (10 Million to 20 Million)
Approx Monthly Page Views : 30,00,00,000 (300 Million)
Average Adsense income: 1.5 Crore Rupees per month
1*30,00,00,000 * 1$[CPM] / 1000 = 3,00,000$ / month
Page Rank:8
Alexa Rank:133

3. NDTV:                                                                       1.4 Crore Rs/PM
NDTV is also one of the most popular media channel and also in the list of top Indian websites. This website group is headed by Executive Co-Chairpersons, Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy. NDTV has 23 offices and studios across the country which house India's most modern and sophisticated production, newsgathering and archiving facilities with award winning production and creative teams. This website also uses Adsense over its header which could generate good revenue for the group.
Approx Daily Page Views : 9,00,0000 (9 Million)
Approx Monthly Page Views : 27,00,00,000 (270 Million)
Average Adsense income: 1.4 Crore Rupees per month
1*27,00,00,000 * 1$[CPM] / 1000 = 2,70,000$ / month
Page Rank: 7
Alexa Rank: 419

4. Way2Sms:                                                                 1.3 Crore Rs/PM
This site has got 20 million registered users and still growing. Raju Vanapala is the Founder and CEO of this website. This website comes under his Way2Online Interactive India Pvt Ltd. Adding to their way2sms portal it also acquired 160by2 to its account you can read about it in my post 160by2 is aquired by way2sms. The site stats says it sends 500 million messages per month means we can imagine it gets 500 million page impressions. This site is mainly designed in such a way that user might click on the ads unnoticed. This site has many ad units and also many ad networks through which it generates income. But for now let us calculate only its Adsense income by taking 8 Million Page views and 1 ad unit, If actual stats are known it might well be top one or two in the list.
Approx Daily Page Views : 8,00,0000 (9 Million)
Approx Monthly Page Views : 24,00,00,000 (240 Million)
Average Adsense income: 1.3 Crore Rupees per month
1*24,00,00,000 * 1$[CPM] / 1000 = 2,40,000$ / month
Page Rank: 4
Alexa Rank: 749

5. Indian Railways:                                                         82 Lakh Rs/PM
This is a central government website where you can check the running information of trains, timings, availability of seats has been among the list along with its IRCTC website. Surprisingly this website has Google adsense ads running in it. One of the successful government departments which has a very huge turn over and even a separate budget is being submitted in the parliament makes me a little bit surprised to find Google Adsense ads in this website.
Approx Daily Page Views : 5,00,0000 (3 Million)
Approx Monthly Page Views : 15,00,00,000 (150 Million)
Average Adsense income: 82 Lakh Rupees per month
1*15,00,00,000 * 1$[CPM] / 1000 = 1,50,000$ / month
Page Rank: 7
Alexa Rank: 655
6. Quikr:                                                                           50 Lakh Rs/PM
Quikr is an online classifieds company based in Mumbai, India. This site was launched on 12 July 2008 and is currently present in 90 cities across India. Quikr provides the local community with a platform to help them buy, sell, rent and find something and address needs across many categories. These categories range from Mobiles, real estate, cars, services, jobs, entertainment, furniture, electronics etc. They have 2 million page views per day.
Approx Daily Page Views : 3,00,0000 (3 Million)
Approx Monthly Page Views : 9,00,00,000 (90 Million)
Average Adsense income: 50 Lakh Rupees per month
1*9,00,00,000 * 1$[CPM] / 1000 = 90,000$ / month
Page Rank: 3
Alexa Rank: 536

7. Sulekha:                                                                        32 Lakh Rs/PM
An advertising portal and yellow pages website founded by Satya Prabhakar in 1998 stands in the list of most popular websites of India. This website started with only two employees in the beginning to five hundred employees. It has 10 offices in India, US and Canada. his site has nearly 2 million page views a day.
Approx Daily Page Views : 2,00,0000 (2 Million)
Approx Monthly Page Views : 6,00,00,000 (60 Million)
Average Adsense income: 32 Lakh Rupees per month
1*6,00,00,000 * 1$[CPM] / 1000 = 60,000$ / month
Page Rank: 5
Alexa Rank:710

8. OneIndia:                                                                    24 Lakh Rs/PM
This site was a part of Greynium Information Technologies which is headed by B G Mahesh who acted as the CEO for the company. They also had click.in an advertising portal but both sites are acquired by Rajesh Jain who is the managing director of NetCore solutions. This site stands strong among most visited Indian websites with 1.5 Million page views a day.
Approx Daily Page Views : 1,50,0000 (1.5 Million)
Approx Monthly Page Views : 4,50,00,000 (45 Million)
Average Adsense income: 24 Lakh Rupees per month
1*4,50,00,000 * 1$[CPM] / 1000 = 45,000$ / month
Page Rank: 6
Alexa Rank: 577

9. Sify:                                                                              16 Lakh Rs/PM
Sify is an Internet service provider in India. Seventy five per cent[3] of the 1.6 million visitors in 2008[4] to the web site sify.com hail from India. It was rated as one of "The ten top technology companies world-wide recommended for investment" by Fortune in 1999. It gets about 1 million to 2 million page views a day.
Approx Daily Page Views : 1,00,0000 (1 Million)
Approx Monthly Page Views : 3,00,00,000 (30 Million)
Average Adsense income: 16 Lakh Rupees per month
1*3,00,00,000 * 1$[CPM] / 1000 = 30,000$ / month
Page Rank: 6
Alexa Rank: 1,874

10.  Ibibo:                                                                          16 Lakh Rs/PM
Ibibo uses Adsense on two of its websites namely Gaadi and ibibo game. This famous website group is being headed by Ashish kashyap who acts as the CEO. This site also recieves a good amount of traffic with around 1 Million page views a day.
Approx Daily Page Views : 1,00,0000 (1 Million)
Approx Monthly Page Views : 3,00,00,000 (30 Million)
Average Adsense income: 16 Lakh Rupees per month
1*3,00,00,000 * 1$[CPM] / 1000 = 30,000$ / month
Page Rank: 3
Alexa Rank: 2,420

Naukri,Click India, etc are some other Indian websites which do make much from Adsense program. Once again I say all the above calculations are made solely on estimations. I don't claim that these are the actual earnings but they are close to the actual numbers. Sometimes earnings might not be so high because low paying keywords which will earn low. So this post is just an idea on how much an Indian website could make using Adsense.
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