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After the advent of mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and phablets it has been different, as mostly users surf web through these devices and as a  website owner or blogger you need to have a mobile friendly version of your website or blog. If it is a single domain, with few pages you can have a mobile version of your site for free, but with few limitations like advertisements appear on your mobile site and toolbars. If it is eCommerce website then you need to go for a premium service. I just got few sites which convert your desktop version of your site to mobile version for free.

DudaMobile is a mobile website creation platform that makes it easy to turn existing websites into mobile optimized sites. Founded in 2009, Duda is on mission to make all websites mobile-friendly. Their templates are best suited for iPhones, Blackberrys and Android devices. DudaMobile is based in Palo Alto, CA. This site has premium version too where as the free version shows ads and a footer of Duda Mobile.
2. GinWiz:
Ginwiz is a site developed by InfoGin. This site offers a complete suite of tools and services to build an optimized mobile browsing website for small to large businesses, agencies, blogs and publishers. They offer a Do It Yourself model or a complete tailor-made solution by their professional team. This also offers premium services however free service has few short comings as it shows ads and toolbar.

3. GoMo:
GoMo and DudaMobile have partnered to help make desktop websites more mobile-friendly. GoMo is a Google-led initiative dedicated to helping businesses “Go Mobile” by providing them with the tools and resources they need to make their websites more mobile-friendly. On the GoMo website, businesses can see how their sites look on a mobile device using the GoMoMeter tool and get personalized recommendations for creating a more mobile-friendly experience. The site also has information on current mobile trends and mobile site best practices, as well as a list of developers ready to help companies build their mobile sites.

You can convert your desktop website and make it mobile friendly. langoor.mobi is an online tool where you convert your existing desktop website into a mobile website.
This included popular screen-browser combinations like  i-phone, blackberry, windows and android. They allow registered users to create, edit and publish only one mobile website through his/her Langoor account. They are going to introduce the freedom of having multiple mobile sites through a single account very soon.

So its up to you to optimize your site to mobile friendly. Optimizing your site to mobile friendly has both advantages and disadvantages. Advantages are easier navigation, optimized user experience, and focused site content. Its disadvantages are limited advertisement space, third party advertisements from the service providers and tool bars. I suggest it is better not to go for mobile site if you have a small website. As for Blogger you can go for mobilizing if you are indeed fond of traffic and for blogger platform the mobile template is inbuilt so no need for mobilizing. For Business, eCommerce and service oriented sites hire a professional mobile developer and mobilize your site.

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