0 Interview of Radha Krishna of Techzene who turned into a full time blogger with 9 to 5 Blogging shedule

Today in my interview series I am going to introduce Radha Krishna a full time blogger who has vision, beautiful working schedule and an excellent working strategy. He is a simple person who keeps himself off the lime light, hence he is not known to many. I am lucky enough to get his interview, as he agreed immediately as soon as I asked for one. He believes in learning from both newbies and professionals about new styles of writing. Now I don't want to say anything more but jump directly into the interview.

1.    Hi Radha Krishna, people who visit Techzene and 9to5Blogger might know who you are, but even then can you introduce yourself in few words?
Ans: First of all, I am glad to be featured on your blog. I did my masters in computer science from AU and then secured a job in a digital marketing agency as an SEO Analyst. Later, I moved into Social Media and Web Analytics. I actively blog at TechZene and 9to5Blogger.

2.    In your blog you said you are working for a digital Marketing agency based at Hyderabad, are you still working for it or are you a full time blogger? Means is the status up to date in your about me page?
Ans: Yes, the status in the about me page is up-to date. I did quit my job in August 2012 and now working full-time on my blogs.

3.    How many hours do you spend for your blogs and how many of them do you run? Do you have any goals for your blogs (like page rank, traffic, Alexa rank and so)?
Ans: I’ve about 22 blogs but I actively work on 3 and the rest are micro-niche blogs which I use to promote affiliate products. I usually work around 15 hours a day (3-4 hrs will get wasted on FB though :( Can’t help it) while I take a rest on Sunday. I only care about traffic & the comments I get (+ and –) on my articles, nothing else matters as PR, Alexa etc can be manipulated.

4.    Your blog called 9to5blogger sounds somewhat entrepreneurial in nature, what actually inspired you to keep that name? You shared a few words about it in your blog but still is there an inspiration behind that name?
Ans: Yes, until now, all my blogs has some unique naming. If you take TechZene – Zene means “Beautiful” in Africa and “Music” in Hungarian language. The complete meaning of TechZene would be “Technology is Beautiful” (most doesn’t know that though). I implemented the similar strategy in choosing the word “9to5Blogger”. It has dual meaning – I blog from 9 to 5 and will help the reader to become a 9to5 blogger i.e., full-time blogger. Just simple as that. There is nothing special about it. I just wanted it to be unique (brandable in future) and sound good.

5.    Do you write Guest Posts? How many guest posts did you write on other blogs?
Ans: I am not so active in writing guest posts on other blogs, but yes, I contributed a few posts on ShoutMeLoud, CallingAllGeeks, and BloggingJunction for my main blogs. And, I wrote almost 45 guest posts to promote my micro blogs (using Alias name). Both the blogs SML & CAG are maintained by Harsh Agarwal (Thank you Harsh, I am even getting good income from my ads on your blog).

6.    If you were given a chance to meet a blogger who would it be?
Ans: Amit Agarwal. Not just because he is a professional blogger, but I am a huge fan of his writing style (pattern). Well explanation in Simple language. You can find somewhat similar pattern in my articles too.

7.    Which blogs do you regularly visit? Do you have any list of favorite blogs?
Ans: I visit labnol & SML daily just to have some inspiration. Else, I don’t have any favorite blogs in particular. I keep myself updated with new happenings and trends using Google Alerts, allTop and Google News.

8.    Touching your personal side in one of your posts you wrote about keeping some money (25K x 12 months) aside before you went full time. Did you have any doubt that you might not get success? Were you getting any income from Adsense during that time? How was that time period when you actually started full time blogging?
Ans: I always had full-confidence in myself, but it doesn’t mean I am always lucky. Luck will decide our fate no matter how hard we work and I always believe it. As I got married recently (Feb 24, 2012), I didn’t want my family life to get disturbed if something bad happens. I quit my job only after I started receiving 3x my salary continuously for the previous 6 months. BTW, It's not just from Adsense. I also do affiliate marketing.
9.    When you were about to go full time what were the reactions of your family, your wife, parents etc? What about your neighbors? Because in our country neighbors are more concerned about us than our own family. If a man stays at home lot of comments would be heard like he does nothing he always stays at home so on and so forth, Did you face any such troubles?
Ans: One shouldn’t care what others (neighbours) think about him. Because they’re not the ones who feed him(us). If he is successfully earning money, they are the ones who talk positively about him. I only feared about convincing my family but my wife stood at my side and supported me. I really should thank her (Manjula Krishna; She is now learning to blog in her free time).

10.    What would you suggest newbie bloggers regarding a career in blogging?
Ans: As I said earlier, one has to consider full-time blogging only when he gets 2x or 3x than his current/regular income. Because, nothing is predictable in this online world. I’d always suggest you to have a side-income (alternate). If one goes wrong, the other will come handy. Lastly, do have faith in what you’re doing and you’ll see the blossoms.

11.    What are your main sources of income? If possible any facts which you could disclose which can inspire people who want to go full time?
Ans: My main source of income is through Affiliates, Adsense, and Shares respectively. With my earnings, I’ve purchased some land in Hyd, a Car and Gold. (I invest almost 60% of my income on Gold. I suggest it as it’s a good investment option for all)

12.    There is something every person should learn to excel in the field they work, what do you want to learn in the field of blogging?
Ans: Learning has no limits. I always try to learn from different people: their style of writing, promoting methodologies, and dedication. No matter if a Blogger (person) is well experienced or a newbie, I learn good thing from him and ignore his Bad.

13.    Have any idea of having an own startup or blogging school like that?
Ans: No! Atleast for now. I am happy with the One-man show ;)

14.    Do you call yourself successful? Did you reach your expected goals or is there still anything which you feel need to be achieved?
Ans: I don’t think I am successful at this point of time. I’m still half-way down to the success reign. I am working very hard to achieve it. Will soon reveal about the goal.

15.    Are there any mistakes which you committed or which might have made you think I Would Have Been Successful Sooner If…
Ans: If I had a chance to go back to the past, I would just stick to 2 to 3 blogs instead of wasting my time on several other projects. Though It’s not a pretty big mistake, I got my time wasted because of those blogs. Now, I found my mistake and I’m just blogging on TZ and 9to5Blogger. The rest are all micro-niches and so they don’t require much of my time.

16.    Technology blog is a bit hard to run as the content is a surplus over the net and to stand in the competition it requires unique articles, what do you do when you run out of content or ideas for your next post?
Ans: Yes, a Tech blog is tough to maintain. But, If you’ve a real interest in the niche, you will not face the difficulty. I normally stay up-to date on the latest technology using Google Alerts and News. So, I haven’t faced the problem myself. Here are few ways to make tech blogs successful.

17.    Last but not least is there anything you wanted to share in this interview which I did not ask?

Ans: Ha.ha..I really don’t think so. You’ve covered almost everything about me and my blogs ;)
Finally, I am really happy to get interviewed by you on your blog. It was a nice encounter. All the best for your future projects. Happy Blogging 

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