0 The dutch company that lit the world now gives you a window to the world

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7:45 Clue Answer First mentioned in the legend Daedalus and lcarus, now a brand name. A style brought back in fashion in the late 2000s. Flying Machine Wayfarer Sunglasses (Green) (FMS 082|107/108|Free Size) 

7:45 Blockbuster Clue Santa is here at Street 240 with some quality gifts to sweeten your Christmas celebration! Nestle - Quality Street Chocolates & Toffees Tin Box - 240 Grams

7:30 Clue: 3 days short of 3 weeks... nevertheless an epic war! Answer 18 Days 

7:30 Blockbuster Clue: Brave and beautiful - she is all of 32 and celebrates every colour though it's not Holi! Answer Sony BRAVIA KLV-32R412C 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready LED TV

7:15 Image Clue Answer : Silver's Yoga Mat with Cover, 6mm (Blue) 

7:00 Clue: The BoB narrates the story of MI nights war... Answer Two Years, Eight Months and TwentyEight Nights: A Novel 

7:00 Blockbuster Clue: We offer you shelter - but learn the South American language first Answer Quechua Arpenaz 2 Tent (Green) 

6:45 Clue: Maxima Uber Collection Analog Multi-Color Dial Men's Watch - 35651PAGB

6:30 Clue Walter discovered the job and so did the rest of us! Answer: Steve Jobs

6:30 Blockbuster Clue While Rahul played country, the ultra cool YuVi joined him at the drinks break for some water  Answer: Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier

6:15 Clue:  Where the heart is Answer: Home Candy Curtain

6:00 Clue: If the name contains water bodies, whats comes before Smoke & Fire in this trilogy? Answer Sea of Poppies

5:30 Clue: Evil has risen and the windsons now take a solemn promise to protect us from a nuclear weapon Answer: The Oath of Vayuputras

5:30 Clue Blockbuster Clue: The three prestigious kings placed on a glass top are waiting to torch each other. Answer: Prestige Royale Three Brass Burners GT 03 L.P Gas Table with Glass Top 

5:15 Clue: Join the brotherhood Answer Official Bajrangi bhaijaan silver pendant

5:00 Clue: Answer: Jaya 

5:00 Blockbuster Clue The dutch company that lit the world now gives you a window to the world Answer: Philips 22PFL3958/V7 56 cm (22 inches) Full HD LED TV (black)

4:45 Clue: Whistles of Joy for your family Answer: Bajaj Pressure Cooker, 3 litres, Silver 

4:30 Clue: Unless you are frozen, we believe that you uncover the SHIELD Answer: Captain America - The Winter Soldier 

4:30 Blockbuster Clue: Save the fight for next year and just play safe for now! Answer: WWE 2K16 (PS4) 

4:15 Clue: Answer: Updated Soon

4:00 Clue: It death narrated a story it would talk about the Germans, Jews & a little girl Answer: The Book Thief (Definitions) 

4:00 Block Buster Clue:Can you C the titanium that's going five times as fast as the sound of your voice? Answer: Karbonn Titanium Machfive (Champagne) 

3:45 Clue: Sb2S3, sometimes also made from Monosha plant Answer: Lakme Eyeconic Kajal, Black (Pack of 3) 

3:30 Clue:With an army of 10, go after 400... But definitely take along the perfect companion you can bank on! Answer: Lenovo 10400mAH Power Bank (White) 

3:15 : Alligator Calculator Detonator  ?? Updated Soon

3:00 Blockbuster Clue: The 31 titans, with their carbs intake, wouldn't turn blue even after 10 days! Karbon Machone Titanium S310 (Dark Blue)

2:45: Bobby, Heston, Julia, Nigella know their tools and so should you

2:30 Clue: Sid? Me? I? Er... Answer: Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth 

2:30 Blockbuster Clue: With 6 Pieces more than a chess board, I serve a SUPERb meal and break into a GLORious blush at dawn Answer: Superware Morning Glory Dinner Set, Square, 38-Pieces, White

2:15 Clue: Learn through patience energy and time Answer: Updated Soon

2:00 PM An electrifying retelling of a 'bite' story... this is just amazing! Clue: The Amazing Spider Man 2

2:00 PM blockbuster Clue: SRK, Thalaiva and Will Smith all played this sci-fi avatar. Wow, did you crak it? Wee! Answer: Wee Wee Robot 
01: 30 Answer: Be careful with the juice, else face the wrath of the Painter : Ans Micromax Canva Juice

01:00pm Clue Answer1: After Earth
12:30pm Clue Answer2:  Dilwale – Deluxe Edition
12:15 Clue Answer: Borosil Medium Nickel
12:00pm Clue Answer1: sr 660 dvd player
12:00pm Clue Answer2: The Alchemist
11:45am Clue Answer: Cello Flask 500ML
11:30am Clue Answer 1: Nokia 108
11:30am Clue Answer 2: HP Notebook 15-ac118tu 15.6 inch Laptop
11:00am Clue Answer 2: Night Train at Deoli
10:45am Clue Answer: Unibic cookies 500g

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