4 Is Adsense Balance Showing Minus for Today earnings and Recent Payments

Many of the Adsense accounts across the world have been showing a minus symbol before the balance. Most of the users might have been in a situation of panic on seeing the Minus symbol before Today's earnings as well as Recent Payments too. There is no official announcement from Adsense team either in their blog or any other social media platforms. So most of the users have been thinking it a sort of glitch as this never happened in these many years.

So if you are also a Adsense account holder and victim of this minus balance issue. All you could do is wait for a couple more days to see if this problem gets off or Adsense would officially announce about the issue. Few users have also posted their concern on google product forms over this issue. But they too haven't got any response from the Adsense team.

Many forums and top sites which discuss Adsense related queries too have opened this discussion. The only thing a user gets to know from these sites is they are not alone. Most of the Adsense revenue sharing sites too started to show this minus sign. 

Google as you all know is one of the biggest companies in the world which looks out for innovation. They constantly keep on trying to improve there products and stay ahead in the technology race. So this glitch too may be one of their experiments which might have just made a minus symbol appear in users dashboard. 

So folks don't be afraid of this minus sign but wait for few more days to get a clear picture of what this is all about.

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  1. So folks don't be afraid of this minus sign but wait for few more days to get a clear picture of what this is all about.

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