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Many think what is there with the URL for a free blog. But that is where your blogging journey begins. Wired isn’t it even naming a url for blog needs expertise. So you need to read this post if you want to be a high end blogger.

What is a URL? 
URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator in simple terms I can say it just locates your web address. The second column while creating a blog via blogger asks you for a blog address mentioning URL in brackets. Nothing to worry if you don’t know what is URL the letters which you type there along with (dot)blogspot(dot)com is the address with which you own a blog and communicate with the world.

Useful Tips while choosing a blogger address.
1. Always choose a shorter name rather than opting a big URL. At most try to wrap it up in 7 letters. (It’s not mandatory but a suggestion you can also do with longer names). All the time you will notice that all the shorter names are already registered than go for some longer ones.

2. See that your blog name is easily spelt by many. If you keep a hardly spelt word then the story of your direct traffic ends there. For example if you keep something like friendlyadvice you have chances of people spelling friend as freind so such words should be avoided. As for this tutorial I will choose tikkahuts.

3. See that your blog URL is same as that of your blog title. Many people in order to get to your blog type blog title, so it is better if your blog title and your blog URL are same.

4. After choosing a short and easily spelt URL a little bit of research work had to be done on it. Just go to any website which provides a domain name (I suggest godaddy). Just check in that site if the name which you have chosen has got a (dot) com. To make my point clear if you had chosen your blog name to be tikkahuts, then your blogger address for your blog would be tikkahuts.blogspot(dot)com now see if tikkahuts(dot)com is available. In future if your blog hits a 1000 visitor landmark then you can upgrade your blogspot(dot)com domain to direct dot com domain so if your blog domain is already registered then you need to buy a domain changing few words which can be dangerous for your traffic. So check if your blogspot domain is available.

5. Last step is go to Google type the words which you have selected for your blog address and see what comes up. If some site or some blog pops up then again you need to start over again because few sites have a different web address and a different title. If they use a title which your blog address contains then each time someone searches for your blog chances are there to end up in some one else site. But if nothing relevant to your blog name appears then congrats you are lucky you successful got a good blog address.
See the above screen shot nothing relevant to tikkahuts has appeared 
It asked Did you mean: tikka hats 
and the first search result ended up with tikka hut but not huts. So this can be my new blogspot address for my blog.So you haven't yet started a blog? still thinking! I suggest try once blogging is fun.

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