0 Why does blogger hate your blog?

Many people who have a blog on blogger don’t care whether they are following the Content Policy as demanded by blogger. There are some millions of blogs hosted on this platform and as a matter of fact blogger offers this service for completely free of cost. Many people take advantage of this feature and host many blogs crossing the content policy and such blogs will eventually be removed by blogger. So in this post we will see how not to irritate blogger and make our blog safe.

The main reason for many people would be to earn quick money and greed for it makes them use different means to get traffic to their blog which is not a good sign for their prosperity. So following are few of the things which you have to keep in mind before you start posting in blogger.

1. Stay off copyrighted content:
Net is a place where you find many things but you need to have an eye whether the content is copyrighted or not. Many people just for the sake of quick traffic copy paste certain articles without checking whether the content is free to use or having any copyrights on it. If the owner gives a complaint on your blog that you have a copyrighted content posted, then your blog may be in danger of getting flagged. Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) allows the original content owners to lodge a complaint against you, so never touch a copyrighted content. So if you have a fairly good amount of traffic you have to loose everything just for copying a copyrighted article.

2. Don’t post download links of pirated software’s:
Software’s usually are categorized into many types depending on the usage namely freeware and shareware. So a freeware can be distributed freely but a shareware has some amount of trial period later the user has to buy a license. So as a blogger you can post freeware also called open source depending upon the companies terms, you can review a freeware or a share ware, you can also link the home page but you should not give a download link for licensed version of a software for free by providing cracks or serials or keygens etc.

3. Posting movie links:
Piracy of movies is going on very badly these days and people even rip the movies into lower file formats and upload them in file hosting and share. Many bloggers post such links in their blogs. Posting such links is not a good sign for a blog to sustain for long. Once blogger gets an eye on such a blog it will throw it away in trash. You disclaimer or blah blah also will not work.

4. Adult Content:
Some feel posting adult stuff will bring huge traffic. what ever may be the adult content either it is a wall paper or a movie or a article will be not encouraged by blogger. There is even an option in bloggers dashboard that you need to mention it as an adult blog so that anyone entering will get an alert saying the blog contains content which is not suitable for certain audience. So if you still go on posting without limits then your blog will be flagged. But my suggestion for a blogger is to never go after such things it will not only spoil your blogging career but also spoils the society. So if you can’t do good it’s ok but never ever harm others.

5. Encouraging some irrelevant sites:
There are some sites which blogger doesn’t like its user to publish in their blogs. Some sites which blogger hates its users to promote in there blogs are sites which try to give tampered Adsense accounts, sites which offer some incentives to click on ads, sites which are often involved in scam, sites which are banned by Google. So never promote any of the above mentioned sites for your blog also will be one among the above mentioned list.

6. Writing content which is harmful:
Their are different kinds of persons on the earth both good and bad. Blogger allows freedom of good speech rather than hatred or violence. Always try to write stuff which encourages other but not about stuff which encourages life threatening things. Never try to blog on illegal activities always stay far from bad. So blogger is always looking ahead for good environment rather than bad.

7.Personal blogs need to be genuine:
When you are blogging about personal life just blog giving a correct personal information but not on a fake name.  Some people start a blog and reveal themselves as some celebrity and start blogging, if blogger finds out about you without any reason they will remove all your accounts related to that blog I mean your mail ID also will be removed. When ever you are giving any contact information do it in a genuine way and never try to disclose the personal informations of other people without their concern.

So as a blogger you need to respect the Google’s or bloggers terms in order to have a successful blogging career. The above mentioned things even acts as a hindrance for getting an approval for an Adsense account. So always use the free resources for the benefit of mankind. Still don’t have a blog of your own why not create a blog at blogger. Are you still unaware why to blog. Just read my previous posts.

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