0 How can I make a Blog in Blogger for free.

One of my last post covered few things which have to be kept in mind before starting a blog. Now in this post I want to share how to start a blog it is not a tutorial like thing but just an encouragement to make you a blogger if you are not one till date. So have a go.

Blogger is a blogging platform which allows people to have their own blog. It is a good option for someone  who hasn't got any funds or any idea on how to blog. It is owned by Google having an alexa Rank of 7 which means it is the 7th most visited website in the World. Many who like to start a blog use blogger because of its easy to use interface. It provides users to create as many blogs as possible unless the user does not spam or create content which is not suitable for viewers. To know more regarding the content and posts in blogger read their terms of service and privacy policy present in their official site.Take some time to read the mentioned topics before you begin to create a blog.

Requirements for a blog:
1. G-mail ID or email ID gmail preferred.
2. Little bit of Patience
3. Some innovation.
4. Capacity to write own articles. (Not copy pasting articles from other sites)
5. Having a tendency to experiment on own not depending on others experiences.

Now you are three steps behind creating your own Blogger blog.
1. Open blogger(dot)com
2. Login using your G-Mail ID if you are not having one create it first.
3. Then just follow the 3 step process.
  • You need to enter a Blog title this is the name of your blog and mention the Blog address (URL) that's what is your blog address.
  • Choose a template of your choice.
  • Start writing your first post and publish that’s it you are a blogger.
After you make a successful online presence with your blog next you need to learn few things about how to customize your blog, how to make it content rich, how to build up successful traffic and last but not the least monetizing it to earn some money. Don’t worry I will make blogging as easy as possible only thing is write write and keep writing your own content. All you need to do is make a step of starting your own blog and you will get a handful of suggestions in a mean time.  

Why should I have a Blog?

Firstly now a days many people start writing their online dairies in so called blog. It had even turned out to be live hood for many people. People started to make a career out of blogging leaving their jobs. Some even influence many people on starting a blogging career. You can read top Indian bloggers and their income. Even companies do have a blog where the share things with people who like or follow them. Like social networking blogging too has got its craze.

Happy Blogging...

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