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After you begin to blog you will not find traffic for nearly a month because it takes some time for the search engine to index the pages of your blog. Next thing is after your blog is 6 to 10 months old and if the traffic is still below the expected mark than you need to make your blog search engine friendly. So as a blogspot blogger you need to realize that if your blog has to be indexed fast and soon it need to be tweaked accordingly. So some of the things which you need to make your blog to be indexed by the search engines are given below.

How to make your blog light weight:
Choosing a light weight theme:
A faster blog is always quickly indexed by search engines. So a light weight blogger template is always a plus point for a blog. Faster loading times gives you a remarkable increase in traffic. Recently blogger has introduced template designer which had many features and advanced options to play with. But as per my observation these themes are having a slower load time compared to the old templates. So just try using the older templates which are very light weight. I suggest minima which is a good option for new blogs where you can also code as you like it.

Dropping unnecessary widgets:
You have many widgets which are inbuilt in blogger to place in your blog like popular posts, stats, Pictures, polls etc. So if your side bar seems to be empty don’t worry but let it be simple. Some bloggers feel they should make the side bar full with some widgets so they fill the area with almost everything available so avoid using widgets which are unnecessary.

Choosing proper third party widgets:
There are many third party widgets which are available to fit it into your blog. So be optimum while choosing such widgets. Be moderate and use only ones which you feel most appropriate for your blog. For choosing many widgets may slow down the speed of your blog.

Have less posts published per page:
In blogger you have a option to have as many number of post published so don’t choose a big number this too makes your blog to load slow. So have a less number of posts to be displayed per page. Three to five posts per page is a good number to make your blog light weight.

Be careful while uploading Pictures:
Some times you can also place codes from image hosting sites into your blogger post. Some times the loading of pictures from such sites makes your blog very slow. So while choosing a image hosting look for the ones which offer unlimited bandwidth. My suggestion is just upload it into blogger itself where it has its own image hosting picasa. Also don’t upload many pictures just use relevant pictures and the ones which you feel are most needed.

Be cautious while using ads:
Some of the advertising companies have varieties of advertising options and some of the dangerous ones are the pop up and the full page Ads. When you use such ads you will not only make the audience distract from the original blog but also have some time for such pop ups to appear and this will really make a bad loading time for your blog.

So if you are careful and wise enough in making a good looking blog then just make it as fast as possible because not only people but also search engines love websites which have a lightning speeds. For a blogger he must be well ahead to make his blog appear first than the websites which are around serving the same content which you post.

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