0 Don’t get into shoes of a professional bogger when you blog.

Blogging is really fun when you experiment it on your own. Their are many professional bloggers who have a successful blogging journey and end up in advising people about their methods of success. But if you simply get into their shoes and start your blogging it would end up in a complete mess. A blogger, before he wants to invest some money on a blog need to realize certain basic things.

Before Investing:
A genesis framework or a thesis frame work are the two terms which  many bloggers often suggest their readers. They are costly and of course good frameworks to play around. But to have these platforms you need to invest some money get a domain and hosting which will be around hundreds of dollars. Before you invest such huge amounts realize for yourself whether you could mange the returns. As a newbie or one or two months of blogging journey it is not advisable to land into such huge investments. First start with a free platform like blogger and gain as much experience as you can gain in SEO, writing skills, theme customization and driving some valuable traffic. If you are successful in these areas then try for a better option until then dont waste your bucks.

Can you write?
next thing you need to realize is whether you can write an unique and informative post which should make it top in the Google search. If you aren't a good writer than you need to do lot of practice with free blogging platform. You also need to keep an eye on the visitors whether they are satisfied or leaving your page unsatisfied. This can be calculated by knowing the bounce rate of your blog. 

Designing and customizing:
Can you design your blog to get a professional look can you customize it to be light weight and are you having any knowledge on search engine optimization. Can you alter HTML codes without any trouble? Can you play around with CSS? So in your blogging journey as a newbie you need to develop such skills which will be handy when you invest as per your needs.

Best time to invest:
Once you are off with a good amount of traffic and people really start to follow wherever you write your post then slowly start of to invest and slowly indicate that you have changed your blog name and further posts would be posted in the new blog and redirect your valuable traffic to your new page. Then enjoy your blogging journey.

So before you step into the shoes of professional blogger experiment their ideas on a free platform once when you feel you are more confident then make your moves but slowly and carefully lest you may fall.

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