0 Few Nokia Concept Phones yet to be released

Nokia one of the top leading brands in mobile market has got some luring models which are under development usually termed as concept phones. So Nokia usually releases some of the ideas of phones which could be released in near future. These phones might be released but most of them are still under development. see some of the concept phones which are yet to be released.

Nokia Kinetic:

Jeremy Innes-Hopkins has designed this concept based on changing digital information into kinetic energy. It has an electromagnet in its base which makes this possible. As soon as you get a call this phone rises up and stands if you aren’t interested to lift the call just tap it down and it will end the call.

Nokia Kinetic

Nokia Eco Sensor:
This concept phone helps us in two ways by revealing us our health condition and also revealing the environmental condition of our local area. It ha a wearable band which we have to wear on to our wrist which has a sensor which gives us the above said information.

Nokia Eco Sensor

Nokia 888:

What a flexible model designed for 888 but alas only a concept. This phone is ultra light weigh thin and flexible. It features a touch screen powered by a liquid battery. It also has a fabulous look.

Nokia 888

Nokia 888

Nokia Morph:

This model is under development way back from 2008 February. This model is usually based on nanotechnology where it utilizes solar energy for its battery charging. It is said that it has a self clearing ability of its surface. It is designed for its flexibility as it can be curled around our wrist or can be used like a head set. Nokia released  animation on this concept phone which you can see in you tube.

Nokia Morph
Nokia Morph

Nokia Aeon:
Heading the list as the first concept phone ever discussed. Long back since 2006 this concept is being under development. This phone was featured to be a full surface touch screen.
Nokia Aeon

Nokia Scentsory:

This phone works like senses. It can detect transmit and emit smell, this phone has a hidden camera and it can be folded like a paper. It can be accessed in three modes namely open mode, closed mode and flat mode and each and every mode gives access to certain features.
Nokia Scentsory

Nokia Remade:

This model of Nokia phone is purely built from all the used articles like aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and rubber tires also. This concept is based on recycled articles. Even the circuit printing is environmental friendly which controls the carbon dioxide pollution.
Nokia Remade

Nokia Windows Phone 7:
This is a partnership phone of Nokia and Microsoft. This phone is thought to be released some where before the end of 2011. Hope to see them so in markets.
Nokia Windows phone 7
Nokia Windows Phone 7
Nokia Dragonfly:

Reginald Shola Hingston has designed this Nokia model which is called N82 Dragonfly. This phone has a specially designed keypad which reminds us of the dragonfly. It has got good navigation mechanism with a built in high mega pixel camera, large screen and a good and sleek look.

Nokia N82 Dragonfly

Nokia N11:
Lonely Cent has designed this phone by combining both Nokia and iphone 4 designs. This mobile features a dual core processor with 16 GB of internal memory and many more features to stand strong among the smart phones.

Nokia N11

Nokia E-Cu:
This model reminds me of Law of conservation of energy which states energy can neither be created nor destroyed it changes from one form to another. Similarly the problems of charging our cell battery in urgent situations had been a burning problem for many years. The concept of this phone is it utilizes the heat energy generated by our body and recharges its battery. So heat is changed into energy so Nokia E-Cu solves the problem of charging our cell which is built in with a thermal generator obviously the future of thermal energy.

Nokia E-Cu
Nokia E-Cu

Nokia X9:
This phone is also getting ready for launch it has a very large screen with a 12 Mega pixel camera. It is also been given 2 USB ports. Some of the gadget websites have already reveled some of its specifications.

Nokia X9 
Nokia X9
Hope these concept mobiles would be soon in market.

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