0 Top 10 Indian companies to get a job into

top 10 Indian companies of 2011
 Many graduates and post graduates do have an desire to be placed in some of the top companies, and in their search for such a white collar job it needs a lot of struggle. Starting from campus placements to attending off campus interviews would be a hilarious task but once admitted they can fly with different colors. So here is a list of some top Indian companies where most of the people in India want to get placed.

1. Infosys Technologies: After some quick changes in their Board of directors and exit of  Narayana Murthy as CEO Infosys hasn’t changed much. We don’t know what might be the cold wars among the employers and the directors but it still stands as a dream company for many graduates. If at all we get placed in Infosys that’s a milestone is a strong feeling in some of the passed out bachelors of technology. Infosys is being selected as the top company to work with by one of the top business magazine.

2. TCS: TCS stands for Tata Consultancy Services is also one of the top notch companies of India having its offices in 40+ countries with more than 140 branches through out the world. Ratan Tata being its founder has taken the company from its initial stages to a well furnished state with over 1,60,000 employees. It has won many prestigious awards over a time.

3. Google: Not to mention its background for every single internet user knows about the might of this search engine. This company operates worlds powerful search engine along with several of its sister ventures like adwords, orkut, Youtube etc. It has not spread its root completely into India but still a heart favorite for many Indian students. Most of the time the recruitment goes through a consultancy and many freshers have to fight tough times with them. Still not a bad option to work as far as your salary is not on an agreement basis with the consultancy.

4. IBM: Another multinational company which is a good option to work with as it has its head quarters in all the top metropolitan cities. This is the only company which gives end to end solutions from hardware to software. IBM stands for International Business Machines which you might be familiar and most of the companies use their products.

5. Wipro: An Indian software company headed and founded by Azim Premji is one of the top companies of India. It is usually referred to as Indian Microsoft. After taking the success in software it to had some ventures in consumer products.

6. Microsoft: Before Google had taken its roots this company was always in the minds of many people in the world. Its founder bill Gates is a famous person in the world’s richest person and a busy figure in the Forbes magazine. This company entered into India in 1990 and has offices in twelve major cities of India. Most of the time Indians are busy in working for their operating systems because Microsoft is famous for its operating systems.

7. Accenture: This is a Ireland based multinational company having its companies in 8 of the major Indian cities. It has its headquarters located at New York. This company has more than 2 lakh employees through out the world. It has its company in 120 countries and also among the fortune 500 companies list.

8. L&T: L&T stands for Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd. An Indian company headquartered at Mumbai. This company offers Information technology services, BPO and othe solutions. It is ranked among the Top software and services exporters from India. This company has also found a place as one of the best companies to work with.

9. ICICI Bank:  This bank founded by K.V Kamath is the second largest financial services in India with a network of 2,533 branches and present in 19 countries. Presently this Bank is headed by Chanda Kochar as the MD and CEO. ICICI in full Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India is a best player around for some new MBA and graduate holders to start a career with.

10. Airtel: Sunil Mittal founder of Barathi telecommunications has made his journey from a telephone cable dealer to a company. Airtel a GSM provider operates in 20 countries with more than 230 million subscribers. It is the fifth largest telecome operator in the world and 3rd largest in India. This also finds its position as one of the good companies to work at.

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