0 10 Things to check before submitting your blog post

Checklist before submitting your blog post

Blogging is really fun when we get user response for our posts. When people start appreciating our work it develops some interest to write. Here are few tips which I have learned in my blogging career may be it would be of less importance but through my failures I want new bloggers to learn few things which affects a lot in our blog.

1.Check for spelling mistakes: Most commonly we are being helped with good editors where they just underline the wrongly spelled words with a red line so that we can correct them before posting so always dont omit to check such words with red lines some times it creates bad impact on the users.

2.Writing simple sentences: Never write too complicated sentences I thought it would create some good impression but people who find it hard to understand just simply leave our page. This would gradually increase the bounce rate of our blog. So it is better to write simple sentences with simple words. Never ever write sentences without making a proper sense. Always try to maintain user friendly language.

3.Avoid grammatical mistakes: This is the most common area where our blog looses its craze, good grammar always makes our blog a quality one and also will help us to rank high in our search engines. Their are many online tools to check our grammar. Always see that you place proper punctuations and leave spaces after keeping a coma or a full stop. Learn grammar slowly it would help us a great deal while writing guest posts.

4.Adjusting your text: Always see that your text is properly adjusted dont make too many paragraphs or just dont write a long post without breaking it into paragraphs. After you arrange them in neat paragraphs see that you justify the text it would look neat. But never make your post look awkward by just leaving your text unorganized.

               Text without alignmentaligned text  
                    Text without alignment            After aligning the text

5.Choosing a proper picture that suits your post: Adding a picture to your post gives user an interest to read. A picture which creates interest should always be selected and see that you dont use a copyrighted picture. Picture should also be bright dont use dull pictures it makes your blog look dull, so be selective in searching a good picture.

6.Keep an eye on your links: Are you giving links which go externally to some web pages. Just be careful about the linking for search engines will not index your page if it has bad neighborhood. If Google has a bad opinion on a website and if you are linking such website it would create a bad opinion on your blog and what else your blog will drop in its search engine positions. so be careful in giving links.

7.Minding your words: Never write bad words or foul language it creates a gradual decrease of your search engine rankings. So write healthy words and write positive never write negative.

8.Choosing a good title: See that your blog post is given a good title which is relevant to the content never make your title off topic. And see that your title is unique if your title is already existing it makes search engines think that it is a duplicate content so always make eye catchy and unique titles. Its hard but we can on regular practice and experience.

9.Knowing the webmaster guidelines: Google in its webmaster tools website has given some guidelines which had to be maintained by a website. So a blogger is no exception if you meet the standards of webmaster guidelines you would soon be ranking high in the search engines. Recently many top blogs and websites have been affected by Google panda effect where most of the sites have been marked as content farms. Even Amit Agarwal who is a successful Indian blogger had to suffer with such effect with his blog labnol. Labnol inspite of having a good Alexa rank was also no exception.

10.Using proper labels or tags: You need to select a proper category for your post which is usually said as label or tags it not only helps you to sort your blog posts but a well organized blog with proper labels do have an effect with good search engine ranking.

So before a post gets published you need to do lot of work with the above said topics. If you can maintain the above said things you would be successful in n time. Even I had to suffer with bad linking which eventually made by blog to loose its relevancy in the search engines. Hope you carefully analyze these things before you hit your submit button to post.

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