0 Earning six figure income online is not as easy as we think

Blogging these days has become so wide spread that most of the people who choose to blog mainly focus on earning money. Web has already got few professional bloggers who do really make six figure income but they had gone through several stages of hardship. There are no bloggers who made six figure income within one month of their online presence or blogging carrier. So I want to focus few points for people who just started their blogging carrier from past one or two years.

Why did you start blogging?
Many just say they started blogging seeing the big check which Darren Rowse showed in his blog or seeing an interview of how a person bought his new car by earning online through his blog. So if you have taken such information before you took this career then soon you would realize that it is never so easy to touch that mark as they did. For example you did lot of research and wrote an excellent article in your blog but you would hardly get hundred visitors, but if at all any professional blogger writes a simple article he gets some million views, hundreds of comments, likes, shares and tweets where as our blog struggles with one vote that too our own vote. So to generate such huge traffic you need to stay for a while.

How to make our way to six figure income?
First forget that you need to make money, focus on what is needed to make your blog look cool. 

  • Try to write at least one post a day never rush with forty to fifty posts seeing endgadget or huffingtonpost which has more than forty new posts every day. Those posts are never made by a single person but by many people. Main reason why I am saying to write one post a day because Google or search engines wont come into your site  the very first day, it takes some time to visit, it does have some crawl rate. It keeps coming to your site frequently and if you are giving daily content then the rate at which it crawls also increases. By doing this you actually tell search engines that your blog exists and not only exists but is active like a volcano.
  • Slowly create a social network for your blog, this doesn't need hundreds of people the very first day but just focus to get 4 to 5 Facebook fans a month few twitter and G plus, that  rate will increase as days go by. Don't get discouraged because you have only 2 or 3 fans but stay their patiently.
  • Now while writing write genuine experiences don't go for fake or just copy paste articles from other blogs, feel your blog is unique and never expect that someone should read your article. First and foremost you only read your article and just share with few friends that's enough. There are few blogs which have 500 plus blog posts but no traffic at all, because they actually copied content from other blogs, never be in that stage.
  • Keep writing till seven months in these seven months you need to gain as much knowledge as possible on search engine optimization, blogging(sitemap, content, various techniques to make your blog post professional), blogging platforms, traffic generation tips, blogs which are like yours focusing on same topics as you blog, monetizing opportunities and techniques. In the mean time your blog will also be indexed by search engines.
  • Next with all the experience you gained you will now know what actually makes a visitor come to your blog and which topic does have some interest in the public. So start writing such articles.
Once you are with the above guidelines it takes little bit of wisdom to make your blog look like a professional blog. You need to increase quality of your blog, Alexa ranking and page rank. Now that you are ready you can blast your way to a successful six figure income.

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