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These days e-commerce websites have sprung like weeds which grow in fields. These sites really make a good turnover if they give quality and value based services. Few impressive sites which has gone so far creating success stories are sites like Flipkart, Myntra, snapdeal, letsbuy etc there is a big list to cover even Ishita Swarup too stared off well with her 99 labels which I have wrote in my previous posts. So many start ups which sprung recently just took the path of e-commerce.

Why many start ups choose e-commerce?
Simple you start a blog it takes months to earn few bucks but if it is e-commerce it just takes few weeks. If you are still good at marketing your brand then few days. Present generation many people don't love going to a book store to shop for their favorite author. You actually need to move few shops before you end up  in the book you search so simply login to any of the online book stores and with few clicks you are with your book withing 3 to 7 days but you spend only 15 minutes. This works like magic and population too is not small if at all you can make 10 sales a day it ends you up in 300 sales a month. e-commerce sites don't need to panic as they don't involve much investment.

What does it need to set up a e-commerce website?
All you need are few bank accounts, a website, dealers who provide products, cheapest courier service for shipping your products. First thing you need to start a e-commerce store you need to have a good search engine optimized website script. Even few open source scripts like presta shop too can come in hand which can minimize your investment. Next be ready with few nationalized bank accounts which has net banking facilities most of the banks do have it. Now depending upon the products which you want to sell just gather hand full of dealers for your products. If you are selling clothes you need people who have spinning mills. If you are planning for a book store you need to grab publishers. Like wise have few dealers who actually market products with less price. Next choose a courier service which makes your deliveries fast.

What are the other requirements needed?
You need to register a company and have to go through all the formalities like PAN card, DIN, TAN, etc you will have to spend from around twenty thousand to fifty thousand. To do this you need to have a good chartered accountant who will run this process smoothly.

All this what I have written in this post is not as easy to achieve for this you need to do lot of ground work like choosing the right product to market. Below are few tips needed for establishing a e-commerce website.

  • First plan out what you want to sell, like for example books, clothes, electronics, cosmetics etc.
  • Search for right people who could directly provide you the product as soon as it comes out from its manufacturing unit. Don't go out looking for retailers and bargaining with them but try to get hand directly at the company itself.
  • Try to design an online store using a nice web developer and see that SEO features are also done properly. After success of many eCommerce websites few free open source scripts are also being developed one of the best free open source script is prestashop.
  • Search for a good courier service and you need to deal carefully here, intial stages you need to struggle at this level so just take some experts suggestions regarding this matter.
  • Initially don't invest on building, employees, infrastructure etc but try to do it within limited resources with a small highly dedicated team.
  • Always keep an eye on the market for new products and also monitor the in and outs of every transaction done from your company.
  • Try to give user a good support and lightning services which would be your first and foremost free publicity, because a satisfied customer wont keep quite he always refers to people whom he know to your services. This will slowly increase your sales.
  • In starting stages drop the idea of dealing with electronics and high rate products but try with products like books, stationary etc. 
  • Don't try to shut down your store if you don't get any business in the initial stages for starting's are always slow so you need to be patient enough.
  • Marketing and publicity should also be done simultaneously with all other activities.
  • Finally work hard never loose hope and try to gain as much knowledge on the stuff you are marketing. One day will come where you will end up in giving many employment opportunities to unemployed people.

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