0 Government Job, Private Job or Your Own Start Up?

Actually this has been a question for me from quite few months. After finishing my Post graduation I started to feel the pressure of the competition of increased population and it always keeps me in dilemma whether to prepare for a government job or do a private job or start my own self employment  scheme. So below is what I felt about what to choose.

Why I don't like to prefer Private Job?
Ha to answer this question I need to say about my experiences, I thought of joining an 10+2 college to teach but they were offering 3k to 4k(Indian Rupees) but not to teach but to guide students in their study hours and I need to be there from morning 8 to evening 5. I just made a next option go for teaching in school it was little bit better as they were offering the same 4k for half a day means I can take 4 classes and come back home. But question paper preparations and corrections really made me to do job even when I am home. I had to prepare lesson and even at times I need to prepare for some events at schools like independence day, republic day, children day, teachers day, school day so on and so forth. So my first year I kept silence since I was in a way to gain experience. Second year I worked for just 500 increase in pay. Third year I stepped into 2 schools both part times and wow they made me to walk even during band(When city was closed for shops transport etc). Entire city used to be under some kind of disturbances and means of traffic had to be on hold and the management says so softly please try to come sir. I thought to my self I am working more than they pay me yet they don't give some flexible options even when I am desperately in need of favor. 

Now in general I speak about all the people who have just completed their education and now all set to shape their Job career. 20 percent of them manage to end up in good white collar job with nice pay 30 percent of them compromise to do jobs which are not fit for their qualification because to survive like me, 20 percent make their way with consultancies, coaching centers, software classes, soft skills, spoken English etc to increase the columns in their resume, 10 percent think of going abroad, TOFEL GRE IELTS etc and remaining end up without proper job roaming from one company to another. Even those who have ended up in white collar jobs in some big companies had to pay the tribute of being a fresher as seniors pressurize them over various factors to do this that and so on. So private institutions or organizations will always try to get hands on a employee who works for less but makes him work for more. 

So why I wont prefer a private job is their motto is "Pay less and Work more". As far as flexibility is concerned it depends from company to company. You cant really end up in taking a break for long days as they wont like to give a leave.

Why not a government job?
Ouch  to answer this question it hurts me a lot as most of the times present day society has much dependence on a government job. This really drives me crazy as people feel getting a government job is settlement, they plan for marriage, even rate for dowry increases as they have a government job and parents too often search for people with government job. But I wont feel a government job holder needs to get such importance. So now coming to the question how to get a government job first and easiest way but includes little bit of bribing here and there is the job which comes as an inheritance if a persons father dies in service , job is being inherited to his son depending on his qualification. Second chance is to earn a job all by yourself preparing for civil services, banking, and other sectors is much riskier but easy for those who have some reservations. Still this process involves little bit of bribing at least at the interview stage but not always some even get it in a genuine manner.

Genuinely speaking I dint know if I paid some money I would have been working in a government sector because I was seriously waiting for a post which they kept me in waiting list but that never came. So I tried applying for many other jobs one of my friend was almost done but he wasn't able to produce a computer certificate from a recognized computer center for which they rejected (in notification they asked for computer knowledge but din't mention that they need a certificate from so and so organizations). So having more computer knowledge than the one with fake computer certification too wont work in getting a job.

Recently in Andhra Pradesh government introduced an eligibility test for writing D.Sc and even to write bank exam we need to appear IBP exam which costs 450 Rs. I think most of the time government or a bank or any organization releases a notification earns lot of money where as they keep very few posts for recruitment. So to suggest for a government job it requires to keep certain amount of money aside. You need to spend on coaching, applying and sometimes for bribing. I felt government job holders become lazy too and we find very few who work hard.

What about planning your own start up?

So now I ended up myself that planning for an own start up as it can create employment opportunity not only for one but for many. We can create our own atmosphere and see that we don't squeeze our employers but give them flexibility like no one else gives. This requires an idea a business plan and most important of all investment. If you are successful in having these three you can create your own job. Most of the time people wont love this idea as they lack resources like money, plan or a strategy. My previous post of How Raju vanapala made success with way2sms is a good story, sorry not story but a reality where Raju not only created a job for himself but for many. Colleges too should motivate their students for such start ups rather than wasting their money in applying for many government jobs or their time in preparing for campus interviews and so on.

Indians wont love taking the risk of going for an own start up as they don't have their mind set in that way at all and even if some plan they will be struggling to sustain the pressures initially as our own people wont support an idea. But if you stand firm in your plan and goal, I believe we can taste success. I am also planing for a start up now am I researching ways to acquire funds without loan, my first supporters are my parents of course they only believe me and give me funding and if I am in loss too they wont ask me to return. Lets see if I can write a story here in future. Now what are you planning for?

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