0 What I earned till now? Looking back at my life

This is not a post where all would be expecting me to share my income report but I am sharing a bit of my heart report. Last night when I was about to sleep I just went back to my past days and I thought to myself what did I earn till today. I am hardly left with five hundred and some change which are my hard earned money. But apart from that I am left with much.

I have learnt many things from past five years, I had seen both good and bad times now I am left with few people who believe me and like me just as I am. Surprisingly I even learnt a bit to cry. I realized that more than money relationship is better. I have been working as a teacher and I have been teaching and at the same time learning what is life. I have seen most of the time people care lot about money but I feel its not money but a good relationship that makes us happy. Friends get apart wife and husband get apart management and their workers get apart all just because of money. I myself thought we should never go after money for it is the one which ruins us. 

In my intermediate I had an English lecturer named Vinay kumar who is now no more, he used to say a man should not go after three things (WWW) Women Wine and Wealth. Yes I could personally feel these now  long back it was just a saying but now it is a reality I have seen many people loosing their lives for the sake of these three. I also added a fourth W which means wireless( mobile, internet and communication media) which too ruins time easily. Same rules applies to a women she should not go after Man, Money, Mobile and Mouth. Women who talks much also ruins herself that's why I replaced wine with mouth in case of women.

I have seen how people most of the times are so selfish, I even seen few people who for their survival oppress who are weak.  In my previous post I have said people always want to pay less and make us work more. Mechanical lives have crept in, people often forget about themselves in their busy schedules, practice of dowry is now a common part of the society. People are fond of religion, caste, religious views but they don't believe all are one.

I realized if I said I believed in God without bringing in a religion or a name for that God or a picture for that God it is fine. But people mock, hate or even fight when we say that we belong to so an so religion or I believe in so and so God. So I learnt better not name a God. Caste, I am happy when I say I am human being rather than categorizing myself into a man made caste. People do behave weird when we say we belong to so and so caste or race. Favoritism, partiality etc come into play at jobs and many places. Lastly I learnt never to support a political group but stay silent, people fight among themselves but political leaders enjoy themselves.

I don't know how many regular followers I have, I don't know how many will read my posts, but all what I have written is true which I have written out of my experiences. Money makes many things but also breaks many things so I need to be cautious at this. I might not be clear or my views might not be liked by many but I am what I am.

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