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Many people who see the income reports or know something that we can earn via blogging, love to have their own Adsense account. But the worst part is they can get hands on it as they don't know exactly what are the requirements to get one. Example of one such person is myself,  I have been into blogging for long. Initially I got my Adsense account rejected but when I learnt the secrets of getting it approved I could hit the bulls eye. I nearly ended up in getting my account rejected for more than four times. But as I knew little bit of Adsense and its terms I wasn't successful. But still I started to look for other alternatives.

One such alternative which I was able to earn money with was Adbrite. I never invested a buck on my blog, I had my blog on blogger for free and I know many love to do it that way. I assure, you can also earn money without investing a buck or having to buy hosting, domain and installing a WordPress blog. I had earned money with a free blog and I had monetized my blog using adbrite ads. Initially this site used to approve any blog but it too had changed few of its terms according to the market.

How I made revenue?
I had two ways of making revenue with adbrite one is direct income by placing several ad units at various places in my blog. Second way was affiliate income thought it was not much but I managed quite a few bucks.

What is the best way of monetizing our blog with adbrite?
The best part of monetizing our blog is with full page ads and inline ads. Especially inline ads create much revenue and full page ads convert our traffic to income. You can also place inbrite ads which are for images which also works well for your images.

How much did I make with Adbrite?
It was not much but for a newbie like me it was more. I never knew proper blogging techniques or monetizing techniques and I even dint knew how to get approval for an adsense account. Just see my screenshot it says all.

Why choose adbrite?
I had really good time with adbrite support team. Once I forgot to deposit my 40 dollars check and I wrote a mail to support and I got the query answered within 24 hours and they have solved the issue by adding my amount to the next cheque and I have received my full amount. It also has flexible options like you can get even 5 dollars check to your home but you have to visit bank each time you receive a check Instead if you set your limit to 25 or 30 dollars you can deposit your cheque for 2 or 3 months. I had very low traffic of 200 visitors per day and that's the reason I earned very low. But that too I had got much experience from my first ad platform. I even used smowtion, bidvertiser, adonion but till not earned any money and I don't use them anymore because they have kept a minimum cheque amount which I was never able to get. You can still find adbrite ads in my blog along with adsense.

But I earn more through adsense than adbrite but this was the story when I dint had my own adsense account. I even dint use adbrite for 2 years but just started this year.

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