0 Top 10 ways to increase your blog traffic by 33%

1. Facebook :
People say they often log in to Facebook more number of times than they log in to their mail account. This social networking site has changed the course of internet past decade and is growing strong and strong. So a Facebook fan page for your blog really does work in getting a really good number of traffic. You just have to be careful not to post more number of posts before you get at least 30 fans. Keep posting periodically and as the fans are growing increase the frequency of your posts too.

2. Shout box :
Shout box or often called as a chat box is a third party widget for blogs which usually allows visitor to leave a message with a link to their website or blog. You can visit theirs and they can visit yours, so this is a kind of mutual helping for traffic. Many call this type of getting traffic as blog walking. You walk into their blog and they walk into yours. You can notice many blog walkers visit their site and leave a message in their shout box. You can visit any number of sites depending on your patience.

3. Commenting :
This is the most easiest way among all as you no need to install any widgets or you no need to have fans for commenting. Just visit blogs with high traffic and most notably where users do lot of commenting. Just make a sensible reply for any of the comments but don't spam. Spamming is like visit my blog for the answer so on and so forth avoid such but just comment what ever little you can help with the comment posted. You have a chances of visitor clicking on your name and visiting your blog.

4. Guest Blogging :
When your blog contains content killer articles but lack exposure best solution for such a condition is guest blogging. You can just write some guest articles in blogs having good traffic which can bring some good traffic to your blog and if your blog has good content you are hopefully in a race to get few fans or subscribers to your blog.

5. Web Directories :
There are many web directories available on the net where there are tons of websites or blogs. Just find the suitable category for your blog and make it a target for large audience. This often requires lot of patience as your blog wont straight away find the first place but there are chances of getting hits from blogs which rank just ahead or below you as they might see who is in competition with them. 

6. Social Bookmarking :
Once you have posted an article ways to promote is to post it in some famous bookmarking sites like digg, delicious, reditt etc where chances of getting huge traffic will be there. If your article really does have good content or the content which has much demand you might end up in having lot of traffic but if not you would not get expected results. But at least you have 1 or 2 people visiting your site.

7. Link Exchange:
You can exchange your blog links with other bloggers who too are looking for exposure and traffic like you do. It just creates an good atmosphere between two bloggers and also exposure at the same time.

8. Forum Posting :
If you are familiar that forum do have a capacity to deliver high traffic. Some of the forums like digital point etc allows you to post several content under several categories and if you have crossed some mark you have a chance to include your blog address as the signature and wherever you post your signature appears below your post so you can reply to others posts and by doing so you have chances of increasing your traffic.

9. Youtube :
 Make some nice tutorials or videos and just give a link back to your blog. You are sure this method worked for many as they post some cool tutorials on YouTube and even earn lot of money too.

10. Yahoo Answers:
Yahoo answers is also one method of generating traffic. Just find suitable posts which have some kind of relation to your blog post and give them the link to your blog in answers. If the question for which you have posted the solution is correct then you are in a way to get some traffic.

Still there are many ways how people drive traffic to their blogs but these discussed above are the most widely used ones.

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