0 How Sahil Lavingia founder of Gumroad made social networking meet eCommerce

If you are having an idea of Pinterest then you should know a developer who is behind some work with it, he is just 19 years old and dropped out of his college. He is all set to do something of his own he is Sahil Lavingia. He is son of Singapore-based investment bankers of Indian origin. He enrolled his name in the University of Southern California to study computer science. But within a semester, he dropped out to join Pinterest as its main designer.  Pinterest now values 200 Million dollars.

This guy has all set to make his own start up Gumroad. Gumroad is a website which allows users to share things which they made with their followers and sell them. The story started way back in August 2011 when this guy thought of a way to sell things online within people of same interest. He designed a pencil and wanted to sell it among designers. So if there are bunch of coders following you you might end up in getting your code sold quickly as you have all coders who are following you. So this is a concept where social networking meets eCommerce.

While he was still at  Pinterest  he was working on Gumroad but it was his side project. So Pinterest has almost blown minds of many people and is the hottest new entry in social market. Most interesting move made by Sahil was walking away from Pinterest this made people think if he is walking from such a big success he might have something even big. He personally knew few investors while he was working at Pintrest so his bold move out of the company also made investors think that this guy is up for something more big. Earlier this month i.e april 2012 he was able to raise $1.1 million from Accel Partners, Chris Sacca, Max Levchin, Ron Conway's SV Angel, Josh Kopelman, and Seth Goldstein.

Lavingia sold his pencil icon for dollar 1 and earned few dollars from it. He is selling his book on how he made Gumroad and sells each chapter for just 1 dollar. Of course he is not revealing few private facts like his investors etc. Maybe he believes little drops of water makes a mighty ocean so he starts with just a dollar. Hope we find more such good start ups. Anyways I wrote this post so that it inspires college going students to plan their own start up. 

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