0 10 SEO tweaks which cannot be missed in Blogger Post

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) has been playing a major role in determining a sites traffic. WordPress has been a successful platform in providing such features. It has many plugins which can help a user to optimize their post before they publish. So blogger to needed to implement such features and have introduced many such in the recent times which many of its users are still unaware. In fact I too din't concentrate much on them for a time but now that I realised how much they help in giving a boost to traffic and keep us equally in competition with a WordPress post. So I just mentioned the SEO features which should be used by a user using Blogger platform.
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1. Post Title:
First and foremost thing for a search engine optimized blogger post is a good title. We should see that the title should not cross more than 70 words. any title more than 40 and less than 70 characters is recommended.  The reason for such a limit is the post title displayed in search engines is limited to 70 characters. We should also make an effort to see that our title contains the required or targeted keywords. If  my post is regarding SEO I should try to mention it in the title. 

2. Search Description:
This feature is a superb feature introduced by blogger recently which you should be using well. If the description is not properly written there are chances that you loose a good amount of traffic. The search description should contains the primary keyword or phrase giving a brief information of the post. This should be like a extra information for the post title what you used. We can write a description of 150 words as search engines can show only that much any thing more is mere waste. If you don't use this feature search engine will take the first 150 words of your post which might not be so apt for the entire post.

3. Custom Robots Tags:
This is a bit professional task which should need a bit of expertise. You need to know the options before you tick. If your post contains many external links for other websites you can tick nofollow. If your page has low quality then you can enable noindex. If you don't want your images to be indexed you can enable noimageindex. If your post is a time driven one like it might not be useful after some date you can enable unavailable_after and specify the date after which it should not be indexed by the search engine.
Know about each option : How to enable custom robots tags for blogger posts

4. Permalink:
This feature is a boon to blogger as you can minimise your link or remove some extra words like "and, is, was" etc. You can focus on primary keywords which should be in the link so that it would be an extra bonus for your search results in search engine. You should be using a "-" after every word in the permalink if not you would be getting an error. 

5. Enable 'rel=nofollow' attribute for external Links:
When ever you are linking any external link of any webpage you can just click the rel=nofollow box so that the link wont be indexed by the search engine. You can also check the box which says open the link in a new page which will decrease your bounce rate for your blog.

6. Add a Alt tag for image:
This feature can be used by simply clicking on the uploaded picture you get few options and when you click properties you are asked to enter Title and alt tag for your image. Simply write the relevant information of the image keeping the keyword in mind. You can use the same words for both the title text and alt text. See that your image is under 30KB. Read: How to reduce the file size of your image without loosing its quality.

7. Post Content:
Try to write a lengthy post with useful content such that it gives a search engine impression that it might have much useful content provided rather than some other blog with almost related content. Minimum post length should cross 300 words for getting higher ranks in the search results. Read: How to write an innovative post different from others

8. Keyword Density:
Focus on the keywords try to use the key words as many times as possible depending on the post length. Don't use more times than required it might over optimise the post and can be ignored by the search engine. So if your post is 300 words using the keyword 5 to 10 times is accepted. See that the keyword density of 2% – 4% is used for good results

9. Outbound links:
Using this feature is bit risky as well as useful on the other hand. Outbound linking means linking other sites which are related to our niche or topic. Outbound linking can be done now and then in our posts by linking few sites which are related to our niche. It gives the search engine an idea about the type of content and also trust on our site. We should try to link blogs of higher page rank and also related to the same niche.

10. Internal Linking:
We should interlink some of our older blog posts such that it increases the page rank at the same time decreases the bounce rate. even check some of your old blog posts which are having a good traffic and give some interlinking which will eventually have a increased visitor stay in your blog.

Hope the above mentioned points help you in writing a search engine optimized blogger post. You need lot of practice for writing such optimised post but it is worth in increasing your traffic to a greater extent.

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