0 Is adding Geo-Meta Tags to your blog of any use?

Meta tags are gaining popularity among SEO experts for search engine optimization. In this post I would like to introduce a new set of Meta tags which are old enough. In spite of their existence from many days people wont use them simply because of ignorance and some because they aren't of much use. But still this post finds a little bit of use for those who would love to learn a bit of SEO.
What is meant by Geographical search engine optimization?

You belong to a particular country and most of the time you would get traffic from the same local country rather than other countries if this is fine its ok. But when you have your traffic coming from some other country since your topics are global  and suddenly you post a local news from your country your site wont have a good traffic. So just to say your blog belongs to so and so country and a particular region we use geographical search engine optimization. But people would love to have global traffic rather than local traffic. Geographical search engine optimization is useful to those who would love to have a country specific traffic.

Is adding Geo-Meta Tags good for Google?

Not really helpful since Google ignores them. Most of the traffic a site or a blog gets is always from Google but Google isn't interested in considering them.
JohnMu(Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google) of Google said as follows'
We generally ignore geo-meta tags like that because we've found that they're generally incorrect (copy & pasted from a template, etc).
Even the Seo guru Matt Cutts said the same thing:
Historically, meta tags for language and country have been less reliable than inferring the language or country directly. For example, lots of webmaster also just copy/paste from a friend's template without checking the meta tag values. The unreliability of the meta tags is why Google tends not to use them or give them less weight.
What's use of Geo - SEO?

As I have mentioned earlier geo-SEO is for getting traffic from a particular country. People often use these tags to get traffic from other countries by setting them to some other countries values. You might ask what is the use Google doesn't consider it. But Bing the second most popular search engine still relies on these meta tags to determine a site's location. So these tags are useful for optimising your blog to Bing search engine. So if you don't want to miss even a speck of traffic then go for this optimization else ignore. Many bloggers even experiment on these tags to get traffic from different countries.
How to optimize your blog or site geographically?

Just go to your blog template code or HTML website code and find <head> tag and paste the following meta tags beneath the <head> tag. Don't forget to change the values in Red to your place values. I have just given an example on how to use.

<meta name=”geo.position” content=”20.593684;78.96288″ />
<meta name=”geo.country” content=”India” />
<meta name="geo.placename" content="India" />
<meta name="geo.region" content="Mumbai" />
<meta name="ICBM" content="”20.593684;78.96288">


<meta content='usa' name='geo.country'/>
<meta content='US-SC' name='geo.region'/>
<meta content='37.09024;-95.712891' name='geo.position'/>
<meta content='37.09024, -95.712891' name='ICBM'/>
<meta content='United States' name='geo.placename'/>

How to know latitude & longitude values in Geo Position meta tag?

In the above meta tags we could see that geo.position and ICBM meta tags are having two values these are the values of latitude and longitude for the region specified. So we are unaware of the values so there are few websites(given below) which can help you in identifying and also generating those meta tags for you. Simply you need to enter your region and place in the map. Once you get the geo.position values you can add in your ICBM meta tag. both ICBM and geo.position have the same values.
Visit: http://www.geo-tag.de    or     http://mygeoposition.com/

Personally if you have a good traffic don't even bother about these tags but if you want to experiment just do it nothing harm in using them.

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