0 Ashish Sinha rebranded his enterprenuer blog Pluggd to NextBigWhat

Pluggd one among the top 10 Indian blogs rebranded into NextBigWhat. Pluggd is a blog which focus's mainly on start ups, entrepreneurs and small business started by Ashish Sinha who lives in Bangalore. He has written a big post answering why he re branded it into NextBigWhat. Now if you type pluggd.in it redirects to its new address. Now everything in the site changes its social media links, logos, contact emails etc.

They had suffered a loss in Alexa but still Ashish said that they are getting 75% of the traffic which they used to get with pluggd. He has mentioned that he wanted to engage with the audience in a more deeper way so he had to take this change but no legal issue of any sort. He has written a post indicating the reasons and affects of the change also mentioning what is meant by NextBigWhat. I just pasted a small excerpt from the post which you can read below.

What’s NextBigWhat?
It’s a statement.
A thirst to really dig the nextbigwhat in different technologies/business domain. Right now, if you look at the whole (startup) media space, it’s a lot about reporting/rePRing/sucking up – and we aren’t interested in that.
When I started Pluggd.in, the idea was to create a great platform for startups to get product feedback and also to connect with each other. We did and to a large extent, we can surely boast that we did it very successfully without creating a pure-play media game in the process (media=BS, FYI).
With time, our ambition has grown and it spans beyond the current setup. That is, a Pluggd.in++ (rather, ++n). We don’t look at ourselves as a media company (legally we are :( ), but a team which is curious about technology and super passionate about technology startups and digital space.
The biggest change you will see will be around the focus areas and we are certainly hopeful that you are gonna like it!
Regarding unplugged which is an event designed for Entrepreneurs remains unchanged. If you want to learn more visit here.

About Ashish Sinha: 
Ashish Sinha, an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, and the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore—both premier institutes—worked for around six years in product management at companies such as International Business Machines Corp., Ketera Technologies Inc. and Yahoo Inc. Noticing a gap in marketing skills leading to early death of many startups during his years in the corporate world, he began to use blog as a medium to voice his opinions.He started Pluggd.In(Now changed to   NextBigWhat) because he was attracted by the freedom of the blogging medium.

Bangalore-based Sinha has been profiling technology start-up firms on his portal Pluggd.In, sometimes as many as three in a day. Giving many of these fledgling firms a leg-up, showcasing their products and services to potential investors and early users.

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