0 Five blogging mistakes commited by me in 2012

So at last we are at the verge of 2012 one more thrilling yet most powerful year. This year had many significances, as technology advanced much rapidly in this year compared to any other year the world has ever experienced. The day Dec, 21 2012 became a popular rumor which had increased traffic of websites and TRP ratings of news channels who have been discussing on the End of the World as usual nothing happened, still reminds us of our God who is merciful. As two popular sayings "Every person will die a learner and Failures are stepping stones of success", I had few failures this year in my blogging career which I feel would help some of my loyal readers who have been waiting for my posts for a long time. Don't commit these mistakes which I have committed.

1. Changing from Blogger to WordPress:
This was an experiment done by me as advised by a professional blogger who suggested me to switch to WordPress from Blogger. I mistook the advice of starting a new WordPress blog and migrated my present blog from Blogger to WordPress. I had various broken links and many errors regarding design, images, 404 errors etc. I had to again migrate my blog from WordPress to Blogger. All this happened for a week and complete loss of my traffic, time and earnings. You can read my experience and problems I faced in this post Dangers of migrating your blog from one platform to another. This post is actually an experience I learned from migrating.

2. Not Updating Regularly:
This has been a serious issue for KnoowBlog. I had posted only one post in the month of November. I became very busy with my secular job so I couldn't concentrate on my blog. I actually forgot many ideas and tips which I thought to post. Anyways I learned that I should jot every idea in a book and preserve it so that I can come up with a post in my free time. I wrote one post about career which a person should choose in Government Job, Private Job or Your Own Start Up? I actually wrote this post for people like me who work for private organizations and make their life tiresome. I love to have my own start up still waiting for the right time.

3. Renewal of Domain:
As I have said I was busy I even forgot to renew my domain name. My domain name expired on Dec 15 and I renewed it on Dec 25th a very long gap. I had to verify my ownership of my domain with Google analytics again to get it integrated with my blog. My traffic during these days became very low. I wonder how I wrote about Buying a cheap domain name without credit card or netbanking and couldn't renew my domain on proper time. Should be ahead next time in renewing.

4. Not stayed on my Strategy:
I don't think this as a mistake but yet I consider so since I wrote few posts following trends happening around for quick traffic. I wrote few posts during Olympics season like Archer Deepika Kumari hopes for gold at London Olympics, Saina Nehwal enters Semi Finals at London Olympics, Vijay Kumar steals the show with a silver medal in 25m rapid fire pistol in London Olympics, Mary Kom wins bronze medal and ends her race for gold. I don't blog on recent happenings yet I wrote these posts and tagged them under Know Chat. Any post which doesn't fit it any category will be tagged under Know Chat. I couldn't get any good traffic with such posts so I feel this as a mistake. I should have strictly followed my strategy. But anyways I have experimented on something new, though the end is bitter, lesson I learned is as sweet as honey. So should not deviate from our blogging niche.

5. Switching Between Templates:
I had been switching many templates for my blog. I designed my own template but it had some errors and I did not have time to rectify them so I kept switching between many templates and at last settled with this one which my blog presently has. I had few templates which were not optimized properly for search engine. I should have taken some time in designing a bug free template. But now that after a long gap I feel I need to learn from starting because its like I forgot many tweaks and CSS commands. I also made a template same like labnol yet struggling for a good template for my blog. Anyways the template i have now is bit good.

So these were few of my mistakes which I shouldn't have done yet I learned something out of them. I think my readers too gained an insight of what should not be done. In my coming posts I would come up with few of my blogging achievements this year. So stay tuned...

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