0 5 Worth health tips for bloggers who stay online for hours

5 health tips for bloggers
This post is not written only for bloggers but also for people who stay online for long hours. There are many people who stay online for 12 to 19 hours, either playing games or chatting on Facebook or blogging. I am mentioning blogging here because these days to make your blog get some traffic you need to work day and night. You need to stay online all the time experimenting, reading and writing on various articles. So people often forget to keep their health in proper condition. So here I come out with some of my personal experiences about how to keep ourselves healthy and stay fit.

1. Don't Sit for hours:
People who start their blogging or who stay on Facebook for longer time usually sit for hours without moving. This will create a serious problem of obesity. You can grow few pounds of your weight if you sit at a place the whole day. So it is advisable to get up at least for every 2 hours and take a 10 minute gap. You can walk about your house or you can do some small exercises, jogging on the spot, and some small works which can make every muscle of your body to move. It is advisable to work out daily for at least 1 to 2 hours. You can also go for walking early in the morning for 5 or 6 Km. This makes your calories burn and can make you stay fit.

2. Keep your light on:
When you use your computer during nights it is advisable to keep your light on. It is proven that people who use computers in dark will strain their eyes more and also have the risk of getting eyesight. I used to keep my room dark and by 11 P.M my eyes used to start aching, so I need to close my computer. But if I kept my light on I could work even till 12 without much stain. So keep your light on while working during night.

3. Wash your hands properly:
I used to sit for hour reading, writing and commenting on web. As soon as dinner or lunch is ready I just go wash my hand with water and used to eat. But once I read an article which says computer keyboard and mouse will have more number of micro organisms than a toilet seat from then on I started to wash my hands with soap. If we neglect washing our hands with soap we might get infected to Amoebiasis or some kind of viral diseases so take time in washing your hands before you start eating your meal.

4. Eat light foods and sleep Properly:
Yes this is a must if you want your brain to wok properly you need to sleep well. A saying goes eat fit sleep tight, so don't cut short your sleep. Even if you have the habit of eating Junk foods, oily foods, rice related meals it is better you stay far from them. They make you feel sleepy and also make you fat, they will also make you lazy so it’s advisable not to take heavy food. Taking juices is more advisable as it has low fat content and high energy. Juices can make you stay fresh and active for longer intervals.

5. Take a Day off:
Sitting in front of a computer for 7 days a week 365 days a year is really tiresome. It is true that we need to make money out of blog but that is not a one day or even a one year business but it takes time to earn few bucks. Though I have been blogging from four years I made note more than 500$ but I will cross those barriers and earn lot when I focus only on blogging.  So it is better if you take a day gap in a week if you are staying online all the time. It gives rest to your body as well as you can concentrate on other areas of your life. So blog for 6 days and and take 1 day rest completely from Facebook, twitter, blog etc.

Hope you have your own points which I haven't discussed above, if so please share your valuable opinions through commenting below. I wish every one reading this post and my blog a good health. 

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