1 Five inactive blogs which still get traffic and adsense income

Many people blog for the sake of money, some blog for fun. I started my blogging journey just for fun without even knowing that I can earn, and now after years of blogging I am earning few bucks out of my blogging career. On the other hand there are some blogs which were famous and now are inactive but still make a unique presence on net. Did you know that inactive blogs can still earn passive income? I collected few blogs which have good traffic, good page rank and Alexa ranking. They still make some money out of their inactive blogs, below is the list of few such blogs. There might be many blogs like I have posted below but these blogs were those which caught my attention.
Inactive blogs with traffic and good page rank

This site was one of my favorite blogs when it was active. Many of the articles were useful for me at starting stages of my blogging career way back in 2010. I knew only sites like blogger buster by Amanda that time and very little knowledge on blogging. This site is owned by Kranthi Swarrop and many of the SEO terms which I now knew where actually mastered from his blog. The last active topic on the site was posted on September 28, 2010 but this site still has got a good page rank of  5 and Alexa ranking 0f 44k. It is still visited by many people. This blog has also got active buysell and adsense units which can earn quite good amount of money.

This site is an WordPress site which motivates a person to choose blogging as their carrier. This blog belongs to Saurav Sharma and he wrote very few articles on top bloggers, people who made most from their adsense, some success stories and few blogging tips but he gets good traffic even though his blog has been inactive from September 15th 2011. I came to know about top Indian bloggers from this site only. But it lacks professionalism, less social activity, free theme and tag line which says lazy tech updates. This site has an Alexa rank of 66K and shows a small adsense unit on its sidebar.

A good blog on quality blogger tutorials by Aneesh is popular for its recent posts widget. This blog is active till June 28th 2012 and from that day forth it stopped serving new articles. Most impressive part of this blog is it has got an Alexa rank of 15K and a page rank of 5. This blog is listed by many bloggers as one of their favorite blog. But why Aneesh stopped bloggerplugins is still a question mark.

Abu Farhan is Blogger from Indonesia who used to write many tricks for blogger blogs. Last post on his blog was on February 15th, 2012. His blog has a page rank of 4 and an Alexa rank of 60K. He claims he is the author of all the articles and tutorials written in his blog. This blog has been inactive from quite a long time but still has few adsense units working for him.
Abu Farhan

5. Woork:
Woork is a blog which still runs with its default blogspot.com extension. This blog is a master piece of Antonio Lupetti a blogger from Rome who now blogs at Woorkup his changed destination of Woork. His old blog Woork contains some quality web designing tutorials. This blog still draws pretty good traffic with Alexa rank of 88K and a page rank of 5. He left his blogspot blog on September 24, 2009 but did not migrate any of his posts to his new WordPress blog which is now a non English blog. He still has got his adsense units intact to his old blog.
Woork blog

List of Probably inactive blogs or blogs which are not getting income:
I also thought of sharing few blogs which are inactive but with some limitations like probably chances are there to become active and also those which have no ads on their site. So read about three such sites below.
This blog has attained the standard of a professional blog with less posts but quality articles. Initially this site was on blogger but recently shifted to WordPress. This blog is run by Harish who has posted his last post on December 26, 2012. This blog has got Alexa rank of 17K and a page rank 5 shows the quality of Harish's articles. Especially his article on auto read me hack is a extra ordinary tutorial. I still wonder how Harish had made his blog so popular with so less pages indexed by Google search engine.This blog is an example where quality matters.

This tech blog belongs to Amit Bhawani a blogger from Hyderabad, India. He tasted sucess within a short time from the time he started blogging. He runs his own SEO firm and has 45+ blogs of which amitbhawani.com is most visited one and most of his adsense income is from this blog. He did quite a few experiments with his blog like changing his domain name to techadvices for creating a brand identity but it almost made him pay the price, it suffered a steep decrees in traffic. After switching back to his original domain again the traffic regained to normal. He posted his last article on Samsung IFA 2012, posted on September 3, 2012 from then on the blog is inactive till January 13th 2013. Recently a new guest writer (may be a guest writer) named Neal has posted an article on High Speed Broadband Plans in India . Amit is active in twitter but should see when he will post an article in his blog. He runs his blog on WordPress with genesis theme and has an Alexa ranking of 32K.
Amit Bhawani Alexa ranking

This blog is also a very good blog on blogger tutorials owned by Rahul Ippar. This blog has been inactive from 7th August 2012. But I mentioned this blog in this category as this blog hass got no ads in it so no passive income from this blog. This blog has an alexa rank of 23k and a page rank of 3. 

Have you stopped blogging? Perhaps it’s time to visit  your blog and give it a fresh look or delete it. Which one would you choose? Do you know any such famous blogs which are inactive for long time. Simply share such blogs via comments below.

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