0 Adbrite one of the major ad exchange site is shutting down

I got a mail from Adbrite which didn't really surprise me because past few days I have seen a decline in the activities of Adbrite. So the mail says that Adbrite one of the major ad exchange site is going to close its service from February 1st 2013. I have been using Adbrite since January 2008 long back when I first started a blog. Though I tried for Adsense during those days I couldn't get an approval and immediately I switched to Adbrite. My first ever earned income was through this company. You can see a screenshot of my Adbrite dashboard below.

My experience with Adbrite:
I really had a Good time earning few bucks when I had no knowledge of anything regarding blogging. It was like my first steps of learning to monetize my blog. After Adsense getting rejected, I searched for an alternative and immediately I got the answer as Adbrite. Once I forgot to deposit one of my check for more than 6 months and I have sent a mail regarding the issue and I got my next check along with the earnings already existing in my account. I had requested for $42.12 and they sent me $45.26 after adding the then existing amount in my Adbrite account. I really appreciate the support team as I received quick and fast reply. You can see the screenshots below.

How much did I earn through Adbrite:
I dint earn much but still it is a lot for me as I was new to blogging and with a small blog I managed to earn few bucks. I have already provided my earning details in one of my previous post: Adsense getting rejected don't worry try something else. You can read some of my experiences there and also a screenshot of my earnings. I had even suggested this service to one of my friend as my referral and he too had earned few bucks with Adbrite in turn I got referral commission. Below screenshot says the story.

Adbrite has been facing issues with its market and is now all set to close its services by February 1st 2013. It has always been a good player and also in the list of top Adsense alternatives. I just collected some news from the web which you can read below.

Advertising exchange AdBrite is shutting down, after an attempt to find a buyer for the company failed. CEO Hardeep Bindra is telling partners that the company, which has 26 employees, will close by the end of the month, and is selling off its assets. In an interview, Bindra says he had been trying to sell off the entire company, but sales talks “unfortunately fell through a couple weeks ago.”

AdBrite raised a reported $40 million since 2004, much of it from Sequoia Capital. For years the company described itself as the “largest independent ad exchange, rivaling Google and Yahoo.”

But that kind of designation doesn’t mean a whole lot right now, and the ad exchange market is dominated by a handful of large players (you can also add newcomer AppNexus to the mix, as well as Facebook’s newly hatched FBX). Bindra, who joined AdBrite last April after working on Yahoo’s ad exchange, says his marching orders at the time were to set the company up for a sale.
Source: Allthingsd
So bit sad not because I am still earning from it but my first ever monetizing company is going to shut down. Do you also have any experiences with Adbrite?

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