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If you are a regular visitor or follower of my blog you might know that I had previously designed a blogger template which looks almost same like Amit Agarwal's latest Labnol template. Later I also designed a look alike template of latest version of Shoutmeloud too. But now I learnt that I was not only copying someone else look and icons but I am also making myself a copycat. I am loosing that uniqueness in me in delivering a unique design. Then I realized that if I keep on morphing, cloning and designing already existing templates of some successful bloggers then I am making myself look like someone else.

Reasons why I thought to make a look alike blogger template:

  1. To gain some reputation in blogger community and people who like look alike templates.
  2. To increase my regular traffic, subscribers, Facebook likes etc.
  3. To show off my designing skills to people who are fond of cloned templates of successful bloggers.
  4. It would get added to the list of unique content which does not exist on the net till date.
  5. I might become popular like a blogger called Mukund who first cloned Shoutmeloud thesis template long back and got his stardom shoot like a rocket but now got his blog hacked. I see this guy commenting in Shoutmeloud with his same old domain name. I  really want to know why he isn't blogging?.

Did look alike templates designed by me earned any reputation?

Amit Agarwal just said a sentence see the screenshot below.
  1. Almost all the labnol look alike templates used by many of the bloggers are actually the template downloaded from my blog. Some kept the footer links intact some removed and replaced them with there links.
  2. Many bloggers started a give away in their blogs. "Tit for Tat" I stole the work of some one else design and ultimately I was stolen. My hard work is a give away for many bloggers, but who cares I too took it light.
  3. I wasted several valuable hours of my precious time which I could have used in researching, reading or writing some quality content for my blog. Honestly I worked several hours during the night also.

Why you should not use a cloned blogger template?

  1. If your blog looks like someone else blog then what is the point of you having a unique blog.
  2. Of course you too want to be successful like the one whose template you are using but success principle doesn't work like that, it is hard work which helps us to be successful.
  3. People who visit your blog might first say nice morph of the template but they simple leave your blog because they fell your template is a copied one so who cares reading some copied articles. So even good content of your gets unnoticed. So you might loose some good webmasters visiting your blog.


I got some good traffic and downloads for the templates I designed but those pages doesn't exist now, because I don't like to have their(Amit and Harsh) template designs to be distributed. I have already caused enough damage but not it wont get any worse. I feel sorry for coping template designs of Amit Agarwal and Harsh Agarwal's blogs, I personally apologize them. I learnt that something unique always has a value rather than copied ones.

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