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Narender Chopra Technoupdates
Today is an extraordinary day as I am going to introduce a 20 years old guy named Narender Chopra a Full time blogger, Tech lover, and a guy with lot of potential. My reason behind choosing this guy is his age and his passion towards blogging and I also thought it could inspire at least one of my subscribers to take blogging seriously. He runs a blog called TechnoUpdates which he started last September and already getting good traffic and lot of appreciation from fellow bloggers. So here I start off my first interview series with Narender.

1. Hi Narender, there is lot about you in your blog Technoupdates, but even then can you introduce yourself in few words?

Ans. Hey Vijesh, thanks to choose me for the interview. Well , I am a 20 Years old Techno Kid from Haryana, India. I am blogging from past 7 Months and I have learned lot of things so far.

2.  You said you are not interested in studies then are you a full time blogger now? If yes how do your parents feel about introducing you as a blogger to the society?

Ans. Yes I left studies but it doesn’t mean that I left learning. Reading those boring books isn’t the only way to fulfill your dreams. I am trying to become a full time blogger and results so far are great. But blogging is not an easy task and I think it will take some time for me to become a Full Time Blogger. I have started earning some dollars online and my parents are happy with my start. But still its hard for me to satisfy them about my career choice. This is the problem many Indian bloggers are facing because Indian Society isn’t aware of Internet power but I think in future Blogging will be a career choice of many youngsters.

3.    How many hours do you spend for your blog? Do you have any plans to start any more blogs? Do you have any goals for your blog?

Ans. At this time I am giving 5-6 Hours daily to my blog. Now a days I am concentrating on making some good backlinks rather then writing articles frequently. Yes, I am going to start 2 new blogs. At that time I have only one goal which is “ Developing Readership “.

4.    How many blogs do you operate? How many guest posts did you write in other blogs ?

Ans. I am operating only a single blog at this time ( technoupdates.org ). But I have bought two new domains and very soon going to work on them. As a full time blogger I can easily handle three blogs [ I think so :) ]
I never tried guest posting. However its one of my biggest mistake and now I am thinking to start my Guest Posting campaign.

5.    If you were given a chance to meet a blogger who would it be?

Ans. I would like to meet with Kulwant Nagi of bloggingcage.com. That may be a new name to you but this guy will rock the blogosphere world in upcoming months. I love his blogging ideas and tips. I am a big fan of him and following him since the start of my blogging journey.

6.    Which blogs do you regularly visit? Do you have any list of favorite blogs?

Ans. List is long and its hard to list out the favorite one. Blogs which I visit regularly are :-

7.    Your blog eduways still gets good traffic and you have yahoo ads and infolinks on them, just want to know about yahoo ads. Is it a good option for a blogger to monetize their blog with yahoo ads? Do you suggest any more methods of monetizing one's blog?

Ans. I used Yahoo Ads just to test their revenue. I am totally disappointed from the results and removed them now. In my case infolinks is much better then Yahoo Ads. Yahoo Ads are only good if your blog is getting traffic from U.S , U.K etc major countries. If you are not getting traffic from these countries then Infolinks is the best Adsense Alternative.
Affiliate is the another method that I would like to suggest. However success in Affiliate Marketing needs a lot of Traffic, Research and impressive content. Now main earning source of many bloggers is Affiliate while Adsense gives them only 10% of their total income.

8.    What would you suggest newbie bloggers regarding a career in blogging? What promotion techniques you would suggest for them?

Ans. Never make a quick decision about being full time blogger. Don’t take your current earnings in criteria while selecting blogging as a career. One must keep studying along with blogging. Following are the things to consider before choosing blogging as a career :
*Potential of creative ideas.
*Business Goal Setup
*Earning source
*Time management
Simply to become a full time blogger you must have creative ideas for blogging. You should set your blogging goals to get success in short time. IF you are leaving study because Adsense is your main earning source then Stop ! You can’t rely on Adsense for long time due to their strict TOS and policies. Final factor is hard work and time. Sometimes you have to give a lot of hours ( more then a full time job ) to blogging. If you have potential to work hard then you can go for Full Time Blogging.
For Blog promotion I am using Social Media Sites, Social Bookmarking sites , Blog commenting and forum posting. I would suggest blog commenting and using niche forums.

9.    There is something every person should learn to excel in the field they work, what do you want to learn in the field of blogging?

Ans. Blogging is all about exploring and learning . I am learning a lot of things daily and my best teacher is my mistakes.
I want to learn some program languages, advanced SEO Tactics and affiliate mantras. Apart from these I want to learn effective English. It’s the problem of many Indian bloggers and mine too.

10.    Last but not least , what message you will give to new bloggers ?

Ans. Keep yourself motivated and remain dedicated to your projects. A lot of up and down will come in your way but never get frustrated and keep moving to your target. That’s it ! Thanks

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