0 Patience Pays but Greediness Ruins (Adsense Experience's)

Greedy Uncle Scrooge
In this post I want to share two stories of two persons not so close but who met me by accident. So the first story which I want to share is as follows. I started my blogging career long back in 2008 with a blog containing pirated material (software's, movies, MP3 etc) to say the truth I was a successful blogger with an average of 700 unique visitors a day. I was not blogging for the sake of money but just for some fun. I was excited as I had my own site on the web, I am saying site because blog and all were just new terms for me.

I am no where related to computers as I am a B.Sc Biotech graduate, as I had internet connection I used to download stuff and by accident I started a blog and started sharing stuff. Later I learnt about monetizing and applied for Adsense but got rejected. After some reaearch over Google I quickly got Adbrite as an alternative and applied for it. I was exploring new horizons of blogging, getting sites which posted links, I even got to know about forums. So in this process I worked as a Moderator for two sites. I happened to grow contacts with the administrators and one site had 3 admins running a students related forum inspired from students hangout (SHO). I worked day and night posting various articles like B.Tech related stuff JNTU Bits, eBooks along with movies, songs etc. 

So one of the main admin of the site became nice friend, he applied for Adsense and he got approved very quickly. He along with his 2 other friends were running the site on Host Monster and every month they had to pay the bills. So they wanted to get quick income out of Adsense. One day the person said that he wanted to click his own Ads. I said it is very dangerous it can get his Adsense account banned. But he did not listen and full day he kept on clicking ads till he reached 100$ because minimum payout was 100$. He was online, chatting with me and said that he got 100$ but got nothing to his account and it is safe. But next morning to his surprise he got his account banned. He sadly shared his sorrow and asked me for any alternatives I said him to try Chitaka and Adbrite. At last the bills were growing and as three of them were students  they had to shut their site. I dint had an Adsense account at that time because I got rejected 2 times. So I was reading for terms and conditions etc but always wanted to have it approved.

Next story is about a guy named Satwik. I happened to meet him through one of my friend. My friend referred me to him to tell about blogging, forums and how to make online income. By that time I was getting few bucks through Adbrite but not much. So I told him all that I knew and also said about buying a domain staying for 6 months and applying for Adsense and all. He listened all what I have said and he did his own research he started a blog in blogspot, he also started a forum for free which I had taught him. He used to learn things from me online. I used to help him out with options where ever he got struck. Slowly he started to learn how to post and all. As he was a Computer Science student it took him just a month to learn. Then after learning he bought a domain along with hosting. He installed Wordpress site and started posting latest openings, results, JNTU stuff and all which I told as some of the hottest stuff to get good traffic. One fine day he shared his Blog Address and I thought he is too quick. But within 6 months he got approval for his Adsense, from then he never chatted as he used to do before. I too never pinged him as why to disturb him. Later I learned through my friend that he is getting some huge checks from Adsense.

One day, banks were on strike and his grand father needed 80,000 Rs. So he just went to ATM and brought the amount and gave to his grandfather. Later he gave his blog to his friend taught him how to post and all. He is now in US but his idea has grown as a tree as he taught 2 more guys who now run two blogs and earn thousands of dollars every month. I am not sharing the blog address but if you want to see their blogs you can mail me (manawarangal@gmail.com) I would send you their blog address. Satwik was patient enough and he quickly understood the fact that we should not click on our own ads and he succeeded. Even then I never took blogging seriously and in fact this story was long back at the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010. Even today I am blogging on part time basis learning new things and I know I have more insight in blogging but still I am way behind. I still have no WordPress blog, and I got approval from adsense just last year(2012) and that too with my blogspot blog. So when I choose to become a full time blogger you can see me with a WordPress blog, stay tuned it is not far.

Moral of the two stories never be too quick to earn money online through Adsense, being patience will surely pay you in long run. If you too are serious about blogging then jump and grab a Domain, WordPress platform  and a good framework and start your journey don't be like me. I would assist you for any suggestions.

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