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Commercial UseYou have created a cool video with some nice photographs which were personally shot by you and also added some of your favorite music tracks as a background. You have uploaded it in Youtube and are getting good views, you planned for monetizing it with Youtube Partner program but they simply rejected saying copy protected music used.

You might have also created a video with few of your tour images or your wedding pictures. Are also planning to add some background music? Then wait don’t be in a hurry you might end up in copyright claims over the music. People simply take their favorite movie song or a private album song and add them as background score to their videos. It is ok as far as you use it in your home or in your personal computer but if you want to share it online then you have to wait.

To upload a video with some copy protected song online is not so dangerous until the copyright holder reports or complains against your usage. But most of the times you are safe but when you upload the song to YouTube and want to monetize it then you are in problem. You have to be far from the YouTube partner program which many really hate.

So now do you want to get some background song which is not copy protected and even can be used for commercial purpose then you can get them in the following sites.


All the audio clips found on Audionautix are released under Creative Commons license 3.0. You can use these audio clips for commercial purposes but the only requirement is that you have to give credit to Audionautix website. You have variety of categories or genre to choose from; you can preview the clip by clicking it and if you like it, right click the clip and select ‘save as’ to save it to your desktop. You are free to add this music to your video but don’t forget giving credits to Audionautix.

Dig ccmixter

This site has some free music for commercial use. As soon as you click for the license it says you already have the permission but the requirement is simple the work of the artist has to be given proper credits for using. This site doesn’t have 10 or 20 tracks but it has more than 3000 music tracks to choose from. So you can be rest assured to get your favorite music track to give your video a feel good experience.


This website offers many music tracks which are all free to use even for your commercial use. This site has also got songs or music tracks which are not fit for commercial use. User has the option to easily demarcate the commercial and non commercial music with the Creative Commons licenses logos posted for each and every song. So keep an eye on a music track before you download see that you choose a song which can be used for commercial purpose. You can contact the artist for any doubts regarding the usage, but no specific mention of giving credits but it will be better if we link back so that Youtube knows we are using a free music fit for commercial use.


This site too offers some of the finest music along with some horror genre in particular and you can use them all for free. If you don't give a link back to the site Youtube will disable your video so give a credit before you use any of their songs. You can also request remix version or slightly modified versions of the music provided by them. But why to waste time just browse through their site which has got many genre to choose from.


This website is created by Dan-O who posts his original music work. He has provided them royalty free and you can use them for free by giving some credits. You also have a option to donate 10 dollars and to use the music without any credits. He mentioned that all his music can be used for both personal or commercial use. So listen to some of his works before you add music to your videos you might end up in some cool tracks.


Are you looking for some royalty free sound effects then your search ends here. Pacdv has got some really awesome sound effects which can be used in your videos or multimedia productions. They only restricted not to sell or re-license the sounds. You are not supposed to give a download link of the sound files hosted in their server apart from that you can use them in your videos.


Sonnyboo has nearly 40 music tracks which can be used all for free. Only condition to use these songs is you have to credit to the owner and writer of the songs, Peter John Ross. As these songs are royalty free you need not send any mails to the owner asking for the permission after you give credits to his work.

Aren't these sites cool you have the music and also rights to make some bucks so next time when you are creating a video for monetizing it in YouTube don't forget to use the above sites.

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