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Blogger a free blogging platform which stands the only competer for Wordpress too had just  tweaked few search engine optimizing features into users dashboard. It has been giving users almost every feature a wordpress blog could offer like customizing a favicon, professional looking themes, popular posts widget, etc. Now it has just rolled out few of its search engine optimizing features. Users can just click on settings and click on search preferences. You could find options like Meta tags, Errors and redirections and Crawlers and indexing.

Meta tags: Blogger has offered you to add a description for your blog so that it will show that description in the search engine for users to know what actually your blog contains.

Errors and redirections: Errors and redirection settings are useful for making your 404 pages attractive and also placing few top links from your blog so that a user instead of bouncing will get into one of your posts. This usually happens when you delete your post but search engine keeps indexing it so a user lands in 404 error page. So to make user stay in our blog we can make the 404 page attractive.

Crawlers and indexing: This section is being provided with robots.txt and robots header tags. These settings are usually setup in order to make search engine omit indexing your archive pages or search pages which is a best seo practice but needs a little bit knowledge before applying it.

Link: hyperlinking a word in your post too had been tweaked with few features. Now you can add a title to the word, as soon as you hover the mouse of the link it shows the text which you have typed. You can also text the link which you have hyperlinked redirects to the correct page or not. A check box for rel="nofollow" has also been provided. So if you are linking any external web pages they wont be indexed by search engines, so only links of your blog would be indexed omitting the outside links.

So aren't these features great so just be sure you get everything done correctly before you try to make your blog search engine friendly. If you are unaware of any feature just click on the small question mark given beside every link where you could gain enough knowledge before you apply. I think next features which they would try are about comment box, and adding keywords so lets hope they come up with some more good features.

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