0 Buying a cheap domain name without credit card or netbanking

Firstly I am focusing this blog post for people who are just newbie’s in blogging world, haven’t yet started earning, devoid of credit cards or lack knowledge on net banking or paypal but planning for their own domain. So if you are using blogger platform and haven’t yet got your own domain I suggest few tips on how to buy one. Many people who are new would not love to experiment on buying their own domain by investing much. Sometimes, though you have good players like godaddy offering domains at 1 or 2 bucks you have to step back due to lack of credit card or paypal account. But I will tell a simple, cheap yet effective method of buying a domain.

I advice an Indian company bigrock for purchasing your first domain. Please note I am not affiliate marketer for bigrock. My reason behind choosing Bigrock is they are offering .in domains for just 99 Rs for a period of 1 year. If you are successful then you can extend the domain in the second year or else you can drop your idea of extension. But second year rates get back to normal. If you can afford 500Rs you can also plan for .com.

How to Buy:
- Search for your desired domain and click checkout.
- Next click continue to cart.
- Next page You will find a box below stating Got a coupon? Just google for a coupon or simply connect to facebook or twitter and get 10% further off means your 99 Rs domain will be even further reduced to 89.10 means approximately 1.8$
- Next create a account or if you are already registered enter your username and password.
- Now you can choose offline payment method.(if you already deposited money domain registration would be completed or else it would be completed as soon as you deposit the money)

Depositing your money:
You can visit ICICI or HDFC bank and deposit 100Rs and send a support ticket to bigrock mentioning your time and date of deposit if possible scan your payment recipt but they usually dont ask. They will credit within 1 hour or even less when they recieve your mail during their working hours. Your account will be debited with the money you deposited. So you dont need a credit card or so.

Before you buy:
See that you are ready with a working coupon. Just search for one you will surely  get it. Even some times in ads you can fine coupon codes  just have a eye on them.Next be ready with your deposit amount you can deposit before buying or else you can also deposit after registering but it will be activated once they receive your payment.

Don't worry about your exposure some sites are doing well with .in domains. So you too have the chances of getting everything done at a perfect pace if you are a good content writer. Still you need help just comment with your query. Happy blogging.

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