0 Quick Facts you need to know about Google Fibre Service

1. Hundred Times faster Broadband Experience:
With 1000 Mbps download and upload speeds, it is 100 times faster than the Internet connection that most people have today in US. The best part of this service is it can upload the content at the same speed as that of its download speed. Most of the plans of other service providers do not offer a dedicated bandwidth for uploading it is always less than the browsing bandwidth.“No more buffering. No more loading. No more waiting,” the company mentions in its blog. You can download one full movie within a second with just one click.

2. Free Internet Plan:
Of the three plans announce by Google one among them is a free plan but you need to pay the construction fee (installation charges) of about 300$. The plan is valid for seven years and it gives a speed of 5Mbps to 1Mbps which is the now internet speed given by many ISP's in America. You can also pay 25$ a month for 1 year.

3. Highly Sophisticated Equipment:
Like a DTH connection, Google fiber too has designed a highly sophisticated equipment for rendering its services which includes a network Box, TV Box and a Storage box. The Network Box is essential to use this service, and works as a gateway. It has four Gigabit-Ethernet ports to share the bandwidth coming into the house, as well as a wireless antenna. The TV Box is also available only for those opting for the Internet and TV plan. This is what is attached to your TV via HDMI, and to your network using Ethernet or WiFi. The Storage Box features a 2 TB hard drive which is used to store any network files and save TV programs.

4. Google TV:
This service is providing not only internet but also HD TV experience for a monthly fee of 120$ of which 70$ is for internet service and remaining is for your TV. Watch hundreds of HD channels and tens of thousands of shows and movies on-demand.

5. Free Gadget and Optional Add-on:
Nexus 7 tablet Google's new Android tablet, is offered free with 120$  package. Watch TV on your tablet from anywhere in your house and you can also use this tablet as a remote control by downloading the Fiber app. You can also opt for an additional add-on if you want that is a chrome book starting from 299$.
Isn't Google fiber service interesting, want to try this service but unfortunately it is not available worldwide but if you are a resident of Kansas City you are lucky but need to pay a pre-order fee of 10$ and later be selected to get this service and if you aren't selected don't worry your 10$ will be refunded back. 

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